SDA youth urged to go for HIV testing

HIV test

Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) youth in the country have been urged to go for HIV testing with the aim of knowing their HIV status.

This was said today at SDA Global Youth Day at Seventh Day Adventist Falls Church.

According to Kelvin Buya who is an Associate Youth Director for Central Malawi Conference Youth Department of SDA, the church also wants the youth to donate blood.

HIV testHe said that youth who are HIV positive cannot donate blood hence they should go for HIV testing.

“It is our responsibility to donate blood as Seventh Day Adventist youth, we don’t know the one who will be saved by the blood, it can either be you, or me even, our relatives,” Buya said.

Commenting on the blood donation exercise, Wamale Muyaba, Senior Nursing Officer for Lilongwe MBTS, said that it is good for the youth to donate blood because most of the time their blood is infection free unlike older people.

She further commended Seventh Day Adventist for allowing MBTS to conduct a blood donation exercise on such a prestigious youth day.

SDA World Youth Day is commemorated annually around the world.

In Malawi, SDA youth went to conducted several activities such as sweeping in markets, planting trees, donating assorted items and donating blood through MBTS.



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  4. Kkkkkkk Malawian ur still ignorant coz test is freedom u can’t force somebody to hv HIV testing while he don’t want shame on u who write dis story which journalist xkool did he or she attend bull shit

  5. Sad that most African we are puppets to most things we do.
    Busy testing things that we don’t even understand.
    Why can’t we get busy to find medicines to stop this HIV.
    50 years of being playing tricks should end.
    Let us stop being volunteers blindly.
    Let’s starts to use our own research to stop this disease.

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