Blantyre residents want ban on green maize enforced


Residents in Mbayani Township in the commercial city of Blantyre have asked the Blantyre City Council (BCC) to intervene in green maize business in the township.

According to Mateyu Andisen who resides in the district, the development is worrisome and it has the potential to contribute to increase in hunger levels in the country.

Green Maize Malawi

Green maize sale got banned.
(Photo credit REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo)

“We are really worried with this business in this area because we know that if it continues, for sure the country will be on hunger,” said Andisen.

In a separate interview, another resident Agnes Mbewe said the business of green maize in the area has also contributed to the increase of theft in the area. She said some vendors are sending young boys to steal maize in people’s farms for them.

“These so called vendors in this area are sending young men to be stealing maize in people’s farm. After stealing the maize they are bringing them on the market.

“So it is a fact that people buy stolen things and we want the city council to intervene on the matter,” said Mbewe.

Reacting to the complaints, BCC’s spokesperson, Anthony Kasunda said the council is committed to end the business. He said they are also concerned with development considering the hunger crisis that has hit the country.

“Indeed the continued selling of green maize is a matter of great concern considering the food situation. The council issued a notice banning the sale of green maize in any form,” responded Kasunda.

He added that their enforcement team is trying all its best to stop the practice and says this will not only happen in Mbayani but in the whole city.



  1. Za zii which Government ali busy a City kulanda malonda koma chimanga chinakhwima kalekale! Imagine enafe takolora kale, this Government is loose!