Man sells child for K0.9 million


A man in Dowa has been jailed after he was found guilty of selling a child at the price of K0.9 million.

The man identified as 22 year-old   Julius Nanthambwe has been sentenced to 8 years in prison with hard labour for the offence of kidnaping or abducting in order to murder contrary to section 261 of the penal code. Court

According to Malawi News Agency, Nanthambwe told a businessman at Dowa Boma that he had boy for sell but the trader reported the abductor to Dowa Police.

One officer pretended to be a buyer from Lilongwe and told the abductor to meet with him at Dowa Boma.

The convict cheated the boy that they should go to Dowa Boma to repair a phone.

He then later offered the boy for sale at the price of K900, 000 but the officer arrested him.

First grade magistrate Emulani Phiri sentenced Nanthambwe to 8years IHL to deter other would be offenders.

The magistrate said: “If the police officer was a serious buyer that means the boy would have been killed or something serious could have happened to him. This is a bad development which needs to be stopped.”

The convict comes from Nambelele Village T/A Msakambewa in the same district.



  1. Ulesi kuweta ziweto wayamba bizinesi yogulisa ana ako. Akatha ana ako ulowela kuti?? Aneba chenjerani nayo ameneyo chifukwa yikamutenthera azayamba kusolola pa ana anupo. Mwana amuyika pa mtengo wa 0.9million, Iyeyo poti ndiwamkulu kamuyikeni pa 8.1billion. Apolisi, AKhoti ntchito yapezekatu apa. Kapena tiyitumize ku apilo ku Mob Justice khoti akatenthe?? Yankho ndi zimene mutapange inu. A mob get ready mwina nkukhala ntchito yanu.

  2. Kapena tinene kuti anthu ogulisidwa anthu, kapena kuti ana amaulula pofuna kuti aziyeretse kwa anthu? kapena misika ya anthu, ana, mafupa ndizaboza – kulibe?

  3. We need to be slience to pray to God ask him about all this what is hppning this is truely we ara living in the last dayz

  4. Thats an indication of a country that believes in miracle money not in hard work. With this mindset, its easy to be ambushed by the satanic or mathanyula people. I cry for Malawi!!!

  5. Nde heading yanuyo mukulemba ngat mwanayo anagulitsidwa bwaaaa….

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