Over 3 hundred trained nurses remain jobless


National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives (NONM) has expressed dissatisfaction with the way government is handling the issue of deploying 339 nurses who were told to stop working last year.

For a long time there has been battle between government and the organisation as the former is making delays in recruiting the nurses.

Ngoma: We are worried.

Government said it has no funds to pay the but later said it will hire the nurses after interviewing them, a condition NONM rejected.

The organisation vacated an injunction which restrained government from interviewing the 339 nurses. However, despite the removal of the injunction nothing tangible has been done.

Executive Director of NONM Dorothy Ngoma said government should not take the economic problems facing the country as an excuse for not deploying the nurses.

“Government should not give an excuse for not deploying the nurses because of the economic crisis facing the country,” said Ngoma.

She added that they will find means of helping in the deployment of the withdrawn nurses.



  1. Know there is rumor that the same Gvt is planing to start giving allowances to the elderly pple in Malawi and yet they r failing to employ nurses and teachers.What type of gvt is this one?

  2. I would have loved to work somewhere else ….may Botswana maybe South Africa…but I will stick around…ntchito ipezeka soon. One thing am grateful for MW govt school ndaphunzila mophweka 35 grand pa chaka that’s not a joke..one day zitiyendela

  3. nursing is a noble profession we are trained to serve our nation not other nations. what u are thinking you are just showing how ignorant you are. ubulu wako uwo ukawile uko namwino umuleke we are proud of our profession and nation

  4. The next government under madam Joyce Banda will employ them. This Peter Muthalika man government is just a waste of time, they are a group of failures.

  5. Thats the problem with malawi we all relie on the gvrnmt to employe us all. That not how this work fox go some where to other countries u might have one dont just sit lyk fools

  6. Pepan apa zinthu zavutadi. kuchoka std 1 mpaka koleji osapezeka cholinga chophunzila(ntchito). Izi zizagwetsa ulesi ana kuphunzira ndikuyamba join yopanda satifiketi ya ulimi bola phawa. Apaseni ntchito angasanduke wopemphapempha.

    1. koma ameneyi akukwanani ndithu iwo madotolowo osangothokoza kuti awaphunzisa nkuyangana ntchito kwina bwanji? akufuna awaphunzise awapangile apply akawapangile interview iwo akangofikila kulowa ntchito? paja wina anawapezela kunja akukanika awa bwanji

  7. Why abusing pipo?its risky to keep trained medical workers unpracricing 4 so long.Its affects innocent patients the soon they start practicing.

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