Update: DMI opened after deadly fracas forced closure

DMI-St. John the Baptist University

Weeks having been forced to close after deadly attacks between villagers and  students, the DMI-St. John the Baptist University, a catholic university run by the Sisters of Daughters of Mary Immaculate, Mangochi Campus has now opened, authorities say.

DMI-St. John the Baptist University
DMI-St. John the Baptist University; Now open.

On 21 February 2016, management announced that the institution had been sealed after a fracas between the students and the villagers.

According to reports, the unrest started after students at the school attacked and killed a villager as they were hunting for a man suspected to have stolen a laptop computer in the district.

This did go well with the villagers who ganged up to avenge the death of their fellow at the institution.

The unrest started and with the help of police the fracas was put to an end.

Management closed the institution as most students had reportedly fled fearing for their lives.

According to reports the management called for dialogue between the management and the surrounding community during the weeks the institution got sealed.

Students have since been assured of security and that the disagreement between them and the villagers got ended.

One of the students who did not want to be named told Malawi24 despite the assurance, some of the students are still in fear and argued that it may take time for them to live in the community s they used to before the deadly incidents.

St. John the Baptist University in Mangochi was established in 2010 under the supervision of the Catholic Development Commission of Malawi-education division.



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