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Bushiri’s secret relationship with Joyce Banda uncovered

Talks continue. Intellectuals refuse to remain silent! Words have been voiced out! The only task that remains is differentiating facts from opinions. Once again, just like anyone else, I refuse to remain quiet, burying my own opinion while being a consumer of irrationally baked propaganda seasoned with falsehood.

Bushiri and Joyce Banda are in-laws

Rumours have made rounds. Others believe them and others trash them, but what’s the reflection of truth on the issue of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri being Joyce Banda’s puppet?

For starters, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is happily married to Mary Bushiri who previously answered to the surname of Zgambo before the young and billionaire prophet claimed her heart to make her a “Mrs Bushiri” in a colourful ceremony at Mzuzu Stadium in 2011.

Just after three years of the prophetic wedding, Mary Bushiri’s older brother David Zgambo found a place in the heart of Joyce Banda’s daughter, Kambe Banda, the rest can be calculated.

The marriage scenarios stand out to define the relationship that thinly exist between Prophet Bushiri and Joyce Banda. Despite the marriage link, Joyce Banda still looks up to Bushiri as a spiritual figure and answers to his prophetic voice when he speaks as evidenced from the visit she made to Pretoria ECG in 2016 where she also gave a brief speech, explaning her gratitude to God for Prophet Bushiri.

The connection between the two revolves around the explained scenarios and does not go beyond that.

Unfortunately, rumours have been created out of it with most middle politicians linking the youthful prophet to a presidential bid despite his continued refusal to contest on what is deemed as “a hot seat”. Bushiri has always made it clear to all that bidding for presidency is a total demotion to his prophetic calling.

It is evident from Joyce Banda’s actions that she still eyes the presidential seat and it’s a naked fact to bet her come back in 2019. With that in mind, what would strengthen her heart to promote a political personality of a man of God, who has his efforts lining towards serving God as a prophet alone?

The puzzle doesn’t need a genius to break. It’s straight forward and easy to dismantle. Joyce Banda stands independently as a politician; just the same way Bushiri stands independently as a clergy man. Associating the two to a political power bid is simply an unfortunate case that some quarters with other interests to protect have advanced. Luckily, the picture is clear to all rational minds.

In his Open Letter to President Peter Mutharika, Bushiri reiterated his lack of political intentions, but simply wants to help Malawians as any responsible and abled citizen could.

Talking of the Open Letter, I read in one of the news sites when a very well trained writer argued that the letter never contained any biblical verse, apparently disqualifying it as fit to have come from the man of God.

As Malawians, we have bigger problems to deal with, from mental paradigm and the hunger at hand. The letter delivered its intended purpose without any verse. As I understand, it was simply issued to address the problems on the ground and not necessarily to preach to our dearest president. Some of these arguments that learned writers have started putting up do not even make sense and simply embarrasses one’s reasoning.

Perhaps, need I remind you that communication is communication, whether with or without verses. It would be acceptable to say his preaching lack verses, not a mare letter discussing problems on the ground to the head of state and the general public that consists of people from different beliefs.

*Views expressed in this article are those of the author and not Malawi24. Kelvin Sulugwe is an online journalist, a columnist and public relations manager for Prophet Bushiri but has written this article in personal capacity. Email articles for publication or click here to message us articles on Facebook