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Dr. Chilima is right: Malawi has idiots, those who say “ine nilibe polobulemu”

Trust me, I like Dr Saulos Chilima. Even when he made his ‘idiot’ remarks, I am maybe the only one who was not moved to anger over his remarks. I agreed with him and I still agree with him: this country has idiots.

Mutharika and Saulos Chilima, two idiots taking Malawians on a bumpy ride?

However unlike Chilima who is slowly catching the bug of Malawi politics o not differentiating party issues and state issues, I think the idiots that the veep had to be referred to must have been different individuals.

I do not share the sentiments that if I open my mouth and comment on the happenings of my own country then I am an idiot simply because I say what the veep thinks is not politically correct. My opinion is that the idiots we have in this country are the people who have no problems in a country that has everything as a problem.

In my opinion, idiots are the people who say they have no problems while the economy of this country is taking a down turn. While the kwacha falls faster than the infamous Presidential fall, only an idiot cannot have a problem with that.

As people keep queuing on ADMARC depots to get maize throughout the night, only an idiot can boast and say that he has no problem. When maize distribution is being politicised with ADMARC targeting its distribution in constituencies where there are ruling MPs, you really have to be an idiot to have no problem.

With companies retrenching staff and unemployment levels rising, you seriously need to be an idiot to laugh at those problems and beat yourself on the chest as a person with no problem.

You certainly need to be an idiot for you to have no problem with the number of poor students who cannot access higher education owing to the policies your government is maintaining that favour a minority elite.

While opposition politicians are being arrested on idiotic and stupid charges which you called stupid yourself, you should be an idiot to not have any problem with that.

As the levels of insecurity arise and people in their despair are resorting to mob violence, you are an idiot if you can rally your handful of supporters and belch an idiotic song that you have no problem.

So yes I agree with Dr Chilima. There are idiots in this country. But you see the idiots are not you and me who have to protect our democracy from the tyranny and cluelessness of matchona. The idiots are the people like President Peter Mutharika who say “ine nilibe pulobulemu” when the country is evidently sinking under his leadership.

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