CoM training new doctors to work in rural areas


College of Medicine (CoM), a constituent college of the University of Malawi has launched a program which is training doctors to work in rural areas.


Doctor examines child (file photo)

The program started last year and the first trained doctors will graduate in three years.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health McPhail Magwira said the program will solve the problem of doctor to patient ratio in rural areas which is still high.

“This program will help to reduce doctor to patient ratio which is high making patients to die of curable diseases,” said Magwira.

He added that the program will also reduce congestion in referral hospitals.

“As government we are happy that the program of specialized doctors in rural hospitals will reduce congestion,” he said.

Magwira however said the launch of the program shows that government is making strides to provide quality health care to its people.

According to Magwira, people in rural areas  in need of special attention will still be referred to referral hospitals even after the doctors start working.

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