Simama League ends without a top goal scorer


The Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) is in very tight spot following revelations that it failed to identify a top goal scorer in the just ended Simama Premier League season.

According to NRFA chairperson Lameck Khonje, the association failed to identify the top goal scorer because of referees’ failure to record match reports especially in the second round of the league. soccer-ball-in-the-net

“We didn’t experience this problem in the first round because the referees were able to record goal scorers in their match reports but come second round, they stopped indicating the names of goal scorers.

“We are in a very tight situation because we don’t know who scored more goals as a result, we have launched an inquiry in order to identify one,” he said.

But reacting to Khonje’s remarks, Northern Region Referees Committee general secretary Clemmence Kanduku denied the NRFA’s claims saying the men in black submitted everything to the NFRA.

“That’s not true; we submitted everything to them including names of goal scorers in every match. We are not to blame,” said Kanduku.

Football experts in the country have since blasted the association for failing to run the league professionally.

NRFA has never run the league without problems for the past four seasons, with Mzuni FC being at the centre of a controversy.



  1. It means the board has failed its duties.Get them fired and a new board should take over.

  2. If the refs were not sending reports,what was your reaction?Sitting phwi!Pure commedy.

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  4. Thats how ucan understand the stupidty of the secretery of NRFL.

    How can aleague ends up without topgoalscoler. the past consective league it has been aproblem for supper league collification. DONT GO FOR FOOTBALL ADMINSTRATION WHEN UKNOW NOTHING.


  5. Every season simama brings. A ne miracle to the soccer fratenity kkkkkkkk federation bax

  6. This is poor reporting. Mzuni fc is not at the centre of recent controversy, last time I checked Mzuni was playing in the Super League

  7. koma this region 2014 season kunali mapokoso kuti anatenga league ndi yani this time around they have failed to know who was the top goal scorer? ndiye mudziti muyime panokha chonchi

  8. How was the league won without individual game statistics. For once ,let us learn to be serious. If you know you are mentally incapacited in the adminstration of football,better keep away. Don’t waste our time with your mediocrity.

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