Forestry patrol officer convicted for corruption


The magistrate court in Mzimba district has convicted and sentenced a forestry patrol officer for Jenda roadblock for corruption.

The court convicted the officer, Sackson Kanamazina, for requesting and receiving money from a lady who was found with firewood without a receipt.

CourtIn a press release, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) senior public relations officer, Egrita Ndala, said in 2013 ACB received a complaint stating that Kanamazina who is a patrol man working with the forestry department at Jenda roadblock asked for K20,000 from Selina Mwale in order for him to allow the woman use firewood which he had found at her house without a receipt

The officer however received K4,000 and he let the woman use the firewood.

According to Ndala, ACB later launched an investigation into the matter and they found that Kanamazina had committed the offence.

She said the convict was charged with corrupt practices by a public officer and misuse of public office in accordance with Section 24 (1) and 25B (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act respectively.

She further added that on 27 January this year, Kanamazina was found guilty on both charges and was slapped with 12 months for corrupt practices and 24 months for misusing a public office.

However, the sentences have been suspended for two years on condition that Kanamazina does not commit a similar offence in that period.



  1. Kkkkkkkkk! Bwanji Corruption Mukugwira Akalonda Osauka Nkumawa Sowetsa Mtendere Pomwe Mkati Mwabomali Wachita Kudzala Ngati Mtsinje Wosefukira?

  2. panyo panu agalu inu, zoona mungampatse suspended sentence, inu ndi dzitsilu heavy

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