Destitute Malawi children experience a World Vision miracle

World Vision Malawi

Two mothers of vulnerable children in Bua-Mtete Area Programme in Mchinji have hailed and South Korea Support Office for handing over houses to them.

World Vision Malawi
Beneficiaries handed the house

The houses, built  in Kapanga and Dowola were built after World Vision and their South Korean counterparts noted that children from the two families were destitute.

“I am happy that I can now stay in my own house together with children since the previous one was dilapidated. Being a single mother, it was difficult to build another one,” said Eunice Joseph, a mother of three.

Tomayida Scot, 43—who was over the moon— said the house has brought peace of mind even to her children.

“I used to run up and down with my six children for good shelter during the rainy season. Infact, my children absconded classes because their clothes were soaked in water.

Having looked at the house, I am confident that problems my family faced are over,” said Tomayida Scot, born 43 years ago.

Apart from hailing World Vision, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kapanga urged beneficiaries to practice good sanitation and hygiene.

“It is important that the house will impact the lives of children and their mothers. However, it will be to ensure that good sanitation is promoted,” said Kapanga.

In her remarks, Area Programme Manager Mereena John advised beneficiaries of the houses to adhere to good sanitation measures to boost their last life span.

She added that the houses are expected to alleviate the plight of children from the two families who had no proper shelter.

“As World Vision and our Support Office from South Korea, we want to ensure that vulnerable children live in decent houses so they live a better life that will enable them accomplish their different careers,” said John.

The houses have three bedrooms, separate toilets and bathrooms each.



  1. Very much proud to have taken part in this project. Thank God for the impact made on the lives of the two families.

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