Macadamia Entertainment unleashes a hip hop beast


Up and coming musicians in Malawi have been asked to put a lot of effort in their work for them to dish out good music to Malawians.

Macadamia Entertainment, an entertainment and events brand, said this following the release of a mixtape by one of their artist, BullDozer.

In an interview with Malawi24, BullDozer, real name Kumbukani Luka, said he has done his best in order to make a lasting impact on the Malawian hip-hop scene.

On its part, Macadamia Entertainment Company through a press statement said this is the ideal time that they introduce the artists on their roster as most of them have completed serious music projects that will be released into the market in earnest.

BullDozer; Roped in.

“The project started in early 2015 when the artist met his friend and producer Sprooge Patensky, who offered him a beat and made a track called Judas,” the company said.

According to BullDozer, the two agreed to produce more songs after the success of the first track.

The rapper said: “After seeing the success of the single, we made an agreement that we should produce a full tape with the fuse of his beats and my raps to explain our lifestyle and how we live every day.

“We made sure to make the tape as diverse as possible because of the different people that we come across every day. This tape has set a new chapter in my career and I am more than ready to achieve even more this year. Keep a lookout for BullDozer”.

Meanwhile, the label is optimistic that this mixtape will satisfy the hunger for authentic and raw Malawian hip hop music in the country.

Furthermore, the company says it is planning a premier event in April, and that corporate companies should support and partner with them as they embark on creating innovative entertainment products for individuals and the corporate world.

Macadamia Entertainment is a brand that has a diverse portfolio in music entertainment, events management, and Fashion / Clothing.

This year, according to the company’s chief executive officer, Mr A. Njolomole the company will set up its first fashion studio in Lilongwe.




  1. The tape is very good, looking forward to more releases. BullDozer all the way!!!!

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