Crocodiles kill mentally ill man in Nkhatabay

By Thula Chisamba

January 31, 2016

A tear-jerking atmosphere has engulfed Malenga Sanga village in the area of Traditional Authority Fukamapiri in Malawi’s northern region district of Nkhatabay where a crocodile has killed an 18 year-old man.

Residents identified the man as Clifford Phiri and said he was mentally ill.

A close relation to the deceased Amos Banda told Malawi24 on Saturday morning that the man met his fate when he drowned in Lufupa River which is said to be a breeding ground for crocodiles.

“He was mentally challenged thus he could spend some nights outside for some days. And on this fateful day he did as usual and this time he went missing for close to two days.”

”This prompted our village headman to order us to search for him and yesterday we found him dead in Lufupa River with only a head and backbone but the rest of some body parts were already eaten by crocodiles,” said Banda Separate information indicates that the deceased wanted to cross the river but because of his condition, he got drowned in the same.

Police publicist for the district sergeant Ignatius Esau who confirmed the misfortune advised people to take good care of mentally ill people to avoid the recurrence of such incidences.

He said: “Even normal people must be very careful when crossing rivers like Lufupa where crocodiles are in large numbers.”