MCP suspends anti-Chakwera members


As controversy continues in opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), the party’s central region committee has suspended five district committee chairpersons.

According to the regional committee, the five district chairpersons are CK Banda, Foloma Mwale, Chisenga, Selani and Chichitike.

The five were reported to have been holding meetings about toppling party president Lazarus Chakwera and when the party found out, it warned them over future conduct.

Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwera; Being criticized.

However, the district chairpersons continued with their clandestine activities.

The regional committee disclosed that the five had been meeting “non-MCP people”, Gilbert Mwale and Lyton Dzombe, at Kanengo in the capital Lilongwe. The party says Dzombe and Mwale have been castigating MCP and they lead an anti-Chakwera campaign.

The party claims that the five party leaders were suspended after a fair hearing and will now wait for further action from the party’s National Executive Committee.

Last week, the suspended chairpersons challenged Chakwera, saying he should stop making appointments and holding meetings.

In a letter signed by the district leaders, the party officials accused Chakwera of nepotism and of lacking skills to lead the country.

The rebel leaders further suggested that the party should have a mini-convention so that they can replace Chakwera as president of the party.

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