Operations stop at Songwe boarder after MRA warehouse fire

Songwe Boarder Fire

Razed down.

Operations have been halted at Songwe boarder in Karonga after a Malawi Revenue Authority warehouse at the boarder Post got consumed by fire in the early hours of today.

Witnesses say that the fire began around 8:am and it is the locals who helped officials at the facility to put out the fire, before fire fighters from Chilumba Barracks came all the way to help.

At the moment, the cause of the fire is not known but some insiders say that they fear the fire was started after the blackout that was at the facility from the night of Thursday, something which Malawi24 has not independently verified.

It is feared that Millions worthy of property has been lost but MRA officials are yet to give full details about the fire and projections of how much money has been lost.

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