Southern Region teams call for an Indaba to discuss 2015 season

Raphael Humba

Southern Region Football League teams have called for an indaba next Saturday to asses how the Southern Region Football Association (SRFA) has been running the affairs of the league especially in the just ended 2015 season.

Before the 2015 league season, teams were full of smiles following the announcement of Nsejjere Sports Wear by SRFA as official sponsors for the league only to find out that there was no contractual agreement between the two parties.

Raphael Humba
Humba: Theres a reward.

Apart from the sponsorship wrangle, teams from the region had earlier on participated in the Country Wide Car Hire competition where they paid registration fee but they were told to hang on following yet another sponsorship uncertainty by their association.

This has forced Trevor Kajawa, who owns Kangaroo Football Academy to call for the meeting in order to discuss how their association is running their league.

“It’s a meeting where by all the concerned teams will be required to attend. We have had a bad year in the just ended season. We were told to play under Nsejjere but when the season was edging closer, we found out that there was no contractual agreement between SRFA and Nsejjere Sports Wear. ”

Apart from Nsejjere, teams paid registration fee to take part in the Country Wide Car Hire competion but up to now, we dont know what happened to it because we were eventually told to stop playing so we have had enough. This is not a personal entity so I am calling all the concerned teams to attend this meeting,” said Kajawa.

But responding to the Kajawa’s decision to call for the Indaba, SRFA chairman Raphael Humba said those that will attend the meeting are not part of his association saying their constitution is clear on who is responsible to call for a such meeting.

“Let me tell those that are propagating for this meeting that they risk being taken to task because SRFA constitution is clear on who has got powers to call for such a meeting.”

“Every person who will attend that meeting is not part of our association because our constitution does not allow anybody to call for a meeting without the consent of our executive,” he warned.

He also added that everything was under control saying all the top four teams in the premier division will get their prizes.

“My association will reward all the top four teams next week. I am wondering as to why someone who has no team in the top four, has decided to call for an indaba because even if we can decide to award the top ten, he would’nt make it. He has offered to football yet he is busy propagating for the meeting,” wondered Humba.

SRFA were bailed out by the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) who borrowed them K5 million to award the top performers in the just ended season.

Max Bullets will be the top earners having finished as champions and got promoted to the Super League.


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  1. Mr Humba athu akufuna meeting kuti mukabilane inu mukuwawopyaza bwaji? Mukowopa chiani? Mukubisa chiani? Kaya member kaya nyiyayi Koma ali ndi manganizo abwino kwabili.
    Kalani womazuka nyitanisani meeting nyo ngati nyiye alimbe bavu mukabilane.Mukamakana meeting mukukala ngati Mukubisa kathu, mwadyapo,kapena tsimukuta kuyedetsa zithu. Contact and dialogue achimwene ndiyofuka. (ngakale Kamuzu Banda aamayilibikitsa)Zizakutadizanitso kwabili. Tawi nyabwino ndiyino nya off season. Ngati inu ndi wozizata nyitanisani meeting Mr Humba, ( No Excuses )
    Good luck Mr Humba!

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