Kamlepo Kalua torn apart!

Kamlepo Kalua

This time around the Malawi government has no kind words for critic Kamlepo Kalua over his claims that the President Peter Mutharika was extravagant in the purchase of a motor home pegged at MK 150 Million.

Kalua claimed in local dailies that government had bought the motor home amounting to MK 150 Million, something he branded silly considering the current economic woes claiming that the Peter Mutharika led government does not care at all for Malawians.

Kamlepo Kalua
Kalua: Torn apart for his claims.

But in a statement signed by Press Secretart, Gerald, government Viola has gone one on one with Kalua refuting his claims while stating that the said motor home was bought at MK 65 Million and not MK 150 Million as stated by Kalua.

”The motor home in question was indeed purchased for MK65 million and was paid for in two equal installments. The price was not MK150 million as alleged. It was bought as a new unit in July 2015 to replace the old one which was already second-hand when it was bought over six years ago. It was having frequent breakdowns on the convoy and at one time, it had to be towed back to base. This shows the mechanical condition the old unit was in. It certainly had to be replaced.”

”The motor home is not a luxurious model because it is small and an ordinary unit in the line of motor homes. On the President’s convoy, it is not a recreational vehicle, but a very essential and most functional unit of the convoy. The previous Presidents’ convoys had motor homes too. Before the current President became President, he had a private motor home, which he still has, that he used on his campaign trips as a toilet.” the statement which Malawi24 has seen reads in part.

Government has since asked Kalua to desist from malice and deceitful reactions to the media on issues he has no evidence on.

”Hon Kalua and the others who attacked the President in the said article should have checked the facts before they went to the Press. Daily Times Newspaper should have done likewise before going to print and writing the editorial in which they ignored the accurate figures given by the State House and used the false figures from Hon Kalua. Standing Orders in Parliament hold Hon Kalua responsible for the accuracy of his statements in the august House. He is liable to appropriate Parliamentary discipline if he lies or misleads fellow MPs. Outside of Parliament, he is equally responsible and morally bound not to mislead the public, which he has done unfortunately.”

The Rumphi east legislator has been a key critic of government in the August house as well as on national issues lately.



  1. Is that the job of an Mp ?Where was he all these years .Iam ashamed why behave in negative way,?When we want to stay peacefully a certain cobra appears

  2. Kamlepo torn apart? Bootlickers and asslickers. Last time was MCP and the Speaker of parliament. This govt bought this vehicle in silence. Kamlepo is a whistleblower, zamuwawa aphe mbuzi. Let’s be rational.

  3. Inunso pokhalira panu. Zopusa zanuzi muziona poika. Nyiluminati ndiye chani. Zopusa basi.

  4. Its always something you work for that matters. The president and his guys sit idle, no business, no money making nothing. People will never sit back and watch them messing with their Taxes. Go over it Kamlepo has come to stsy.

  5. Kamlepo is doing his task by not jst entertaining the govt when it is doing silly expenditures. Government suppose to be accountasble to its citizens but being in Malawi it only takes the opposition to criticize for the govt to give us necessary information on how state things are being run..pachipanda inu bwana Kamlepo nkhaniyi sitikanaidziwa.

  6. Kamlepo is doing his job to take government to task on useles decision. Viola is doing his job of defending a lame government

  7. is it kamlepo torn apart or its malawians torn apart? mr kamlepo speaks for the poor people and mr viola has just accepted that its true!!!

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  9. kalua is just wasting his time by pointing any move govrnment is doing. if you want to make a name by dragging government to task, just go to state house and discusse with authoritie there may be they will understand you but not the way you are doing.

  10. Malawi 24, Bullshit. You Report Outside Your Own Content. You Like Playing Around With Our Minds. What We Expect From You Is A Clear Message. I Think U Are Fond Of Misleading Us. You Are Very Stupid

  11. Katundu mzito uyu. DPP is full of hypocritics. Mmayankhula zambiri zabodza za Msowoya lero ndi izi mkuwonekera pambalambanda. Ganizilani anthu akumudzi

  12. Akamlepo munapezelera Acheya womwe aja mukalankhula pa air amakupasani chitseka pakamwa osati pano anakutulukirani u just waste ur time

    1. shame bcoz u know nothing timvereni ife adali kamlepo masiku amenewo mnthawi ya Muluzi aChihana muma 93 to2005 nt pano. Akumveka chifukwa Mulungu wamkondela wampatsa Mp kt asangofa chifukwa anayamba nawo democracy chipanda apo bwezi tkunena ndimasamba ampiru woti abwelera nkuka. Ffuzani bwinobwino akuuzani anthu ktidi amayendera yomweyo

    2. Bola ngati CISALEyo akuzitsata bwinolomwe kuti Kalua ndi munthu mmodzi mwa anthu omwe anazipanga sacrifice kuti mu Malawi mukhale democracy olo zinthu zisakukhala bwino kaamba ka amene akuyendesa boma, paja kusiyaba mtundu ndikumene kwavuta pa Malawi nkuona timasankha zowola. Kaya ubwinowake ndiwoti timabvutikila limodzi.

    1. Really?. But If Not You But Your Relatives Kumudzi Kwanu Are Heavily Affected By President’s Extravagant Lifestyle. Do You Have An Idea What 150 Million Could Do To Rural Masses? Including People From Your Home Village? I Will Give You A Clue. The Money Is Enough To Buy Food In Hospitals So That People Can Have 3 Meals A Day, It Can Be Able To Ease The Problem Of Drugs That Has Hit Zipatala And Whole Lot Other Things. I Know Of People Who Cant Even Earn 100 Kwacha Pa Mwezi. So Government’s Fiscal Discpline Doesnt Affect Andale Abwana. It Affects Iweyo. Ndalama Akugulilazo Ndi Zako Because You Pay Tax. Inflation Panopa Is Sizocheza Sugar Oti Mumagula 300 Ndi 650 In Just A Year Zosezi Chifukwa Cha Zinthu Ngati Zimenezi. Kumaganiza Penapake

    2. we Malawians are contradicting with Muluzis scalm of 1.7b mk ndimawerenga ma comment over95% akut angomusiya nde am asking myself ndindalama zingati izi lots of money to buy drugs food etc nde angozisiya bt bcoz uyuyu ali pampando 150m eee! Ine ndimangoseka dziko lapansi keep on going

    3. All These Malpractices Affect Aliyese Orati Andale Mene Ukunenelamu. Kamlepo Is Speaking On Behalf Of Poor Malawinans Who Cant Be Heard. State House Yapanga Utilise Budget Yao Yose Isanakwane Ndi June Yomwe Powe Timayamba Financial Year. They Have Spent A Whooping 5 Billion Kwacha. And You Know How Much That Is. Those Saying Kuti Muluzi Amusiye Are Pro Governmet. They Have Been Shielding Him God Knows Why. But We Both Know How He Is So Close To The Current Regime

    4. And kamulepo amadya bwino paden pake koma akumvela chison anthu osauka akumudzi amene akumapita ku zipatala kumauzidwa akagule mankhwala ku private hospital koma alibe ndalama

    5. sir blessings chavula,i like the way u r expressing ur views,but am interested in the point u say that u know the reason why muluzi is clinging to the current regime.what is the reason?……….

    6. a cisalewo poti ati iwowa si andale nde sizikuwakhudza,eeeeh!zomvetsa chisoni.so he thinks national budget is only 4 politicians?nde kuti iwowa sagula soap,sugar,bread ngakhale mtengo wa mabisiket sakuudziwa and poti si andale akulu amenewa,asamagwiritse ntchito malawi kwacha,nanga si pa mk pali anthu andale.let him use pound.

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