Water shortage hits Ndirande township


Ndirande residents have expressed concern over the water shortage that has hit the township as it has now gone 3 days without running water; a situation which they say is currently pushing some residents to fetch water at Mudi dam.

water prob

Water problems have hot Ndirande.

Speaking to Malawi24, some of the residents said that the problem has brought them miserly.

They warned that they will demonstrate in coming days if the situation worsens.

One resident from the area explained that the water problem is exposing people to the danger of being attacked by snakes since they are fetching water in grass-covered places.

Blantyre Water Board (BWB) recently asked the residents to stop cutting down trees at Mudi dam as a way of reducing the water problem.

Ndirande is one of the townships that are mostly hit by water shortage and the problem is compounded by inadequate water sources such as boreholes and streams in the area.

The residents walk miles to fetch water since BWB does not provide water to the residents through water bowsers.

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