Uladi Mussa’s appointment stirs conflicts in PP

Uladi Mussa

The decision by Malawi ex-president Joyce Banda to appoint Uladi Mussa as acting president of the former ruling People’s Party (PP) has not pleased followers of the party from the northern region who have since described the appointment as absurd.

The supporters told Malawi24 on Friday that the decision will kill the party in the northern region where it is believed that most people are its diehards.

Most of them said that Banda has entirely betrayed their trust.

Uladi Mussa
Mussa: His appointments is under fire.

Random interviews with some area chairmen across the northern region proved that most of people are still supporting a suggestion by the fired provincial chairperson for the region, Christopher Nzomera Ngwira, that in the absence of Banda, Khumbo Kachali is the right man to be the acting president.

“The decision lacks basic justification and it has shown that our president has a spirit of regionalism. Everybody in the country remember well that this party was cofounded by her and Kachali thus in her absence, most of us thought she would leave the power to him. It’s very unfortunate,” said Cliff Nthakomwa, acting provincial secretary for the north.

He went on to maintain that Mussa may not help the party because of his poor background in leadership as evidenced by how he failed to run his Maravi People’s party. He then said that many followers of the party from the northern region are frustrated with the promotion.

“Many of us are not in support of this and we still support Nzomera Ngwira who to us has not been fired as provincial chair for PP here,” he added.

On New Year’s Eve, the former president, who is on a self-imposed exile in South Africa, appointed Mussa to act as the president of the party and the development was confirmed by the party publicist Ken Msonda who applauded Banda for the appointment.

Christopher Mzomera Ngwira
Ngwira: The sting.

He said: “It pleased our beloved party founder madam Joyce Banda to appoint honourable Uladi Mussa to lead the party in her absence. We believe with his appointment he will help to continue the good work our madam started.”

In confirming his appointment on Friday to this paper, Mussa expressed happiness for being trusted by Banda to lead the party and was quick to promise that under his leadership, he will make sure the party maintains its strength.


When asked to comment on how he will manage to restore unity in the party as regards the current divisions, Mussa said : “This is not the time for us to be divided but instead, we must work together to maintain the strength of our party. We understand there are many things we have to do thus splitting will not help this time.”

He emphatically said that he will make sure the two blocks are united.

Meanwhile some commentators have said that Banda’s decision to appoint Mussa is a clear sign that she is not ready to come back to Malawi anytime soon despite several calls for her return by suspects in the ongoing cashgate cases.



  1. Ife a PP tili ndi mafunso ambiri kodi mesa a change goal anathesa chipani chawo mkutijoina kodi sazathesaso PP mkujoina M C P?mmmm mwatilakwila mama!

  2. Joyce Banda knew she’d make a grave mistake to appoint Kachale. I’d suggest to those who are not pleased with Uladi’s appointment to join Aford or MCP & learn to respect the majority’s voice & choice.

  3. ine mwanikhozya soni chomeni wanthu wakumpoto mbwenu mukulimbana nachinthu chakuti wanyinu walikulyamo kale muli ngati nitchewe yakuchimbilira viwanga vakuti wamutaya kubin mukuwona ngati ninjani anga votelaso PP sono…mulikukoma kale chipani chinu cha Aford chifukwa ulyezi!!!!!!!!

  4. I agree with those who say the symbol for the north is Aford. I see no sense for northerners not to support and strengthen the party that started democracy in Malawi.If southerners support DPP and UDF and people in the center support MCP, why should northerners support a party formed by a southerner or a party led by a politician from the center? There is too much regionalism in Malawi such that a northerner supporting a party other than Aford is a waste of time- northerners are hated and should bargain for progress through Aford.

    A strengthened Aford with all MPs from the north will give a bargaining power to people of northern region as far as development is concerned. However, Enock Chihana should not lead the party.But, an alliance can be forged between MCP and a rejuvenated Aford such that supporters in the north can be sensitized on the need for voting for an MCP candidate because he has better chances to win 2019 elections.Forget about PP, it has proved to be a useless party.

  5. Anthu enanu ndikudabwa nanu mukati sanali president mukutanthauza chani? Mesa ndimomwe akunenera malamulo ngati inu simunkafuna bwanji simunamuletse binguyo kuti asamwalire poti lamulo likuti iye akamwalira JB alowapo? Useless pipo!

    1. Angokhuta ngumbi awa,,,,,amaganiza ngati akusegula mmimba,,,,,zoti lamulo limatero mwa iwo mulibemo mmutu mwawo,,,,kuganiza mwau dpp ndi choncho

  6. I don’t think a serious Malawian can support PP, anachiyambitsa lero anathawa now controlling by remote. Funani zipani zina Jezebel wanu ndwamantha ..

  7. Osangosiya Kusapota PP Bwanji! If You Are Not Happy With Joice Banda Appointment, Form Your Own Party Or Join Any Party Of Your Choice. This Is Your Birth Rights Folks! Ine Nde Sizikundikhuza Ata Pang’ono!


  9. Apa Sanaganize Bwino Kusakha Uladi,titat Tiganize Majority Yama MPs a PP Ambiri Ali Kumpoto Ndiye All MPs 2019 Ze Will Join MCP. PP Yalakwa Ikutha Ngat Makatani.

  10. the best thing to do in PP is convention. choosing a president by one person will continue to divide the weak party. convention will satisfy both sides.

  11. Some stories makes funny is pp sill aparty?dont waste your time talking about pp there are some people that even if they remain alone in acountry they cant be leaders do u think uladi can be aleader?nawo amaiwa kwenkwen nchani?

  12. Mmmmmmmmmmmh Khumbo siuja adaitaya PP kupita ku DPP then ku DPP sadamulandire thats why adabweleranso ku PP.Diehard weni wa Pp sangafune Khumbo kukhala acting President

  13. Symbol yaife aku Mpoto ndi Afford ija mnapha kamba ka dyera.Ndimkumwana withu ndivenivo.Anzanu a chewa ali nga-nga pambuyo pa Mcp nde symbol yawo nanji kumwera kma inu chagwa mmbale ndindiwo ndepano muyambisa khumbo k. Peoples party vice Mzomera 1month chatha. why? mnapha Afford ndemnatembeledwa

  14. Nayenso amene wasankha a uladi mussayo wangopanga kuti mavuto amene ali kuchipaniko amu choke koma pa chilungamo pake anayenera kusankha munthu wa chigawo cha ku mpoto potengera kuti anthu ambiri omwe amasapota chipanichi ndi ochokera ku mpotoko ndiye poti azi sogoleri opanda maso mphenyawa, akadya idya ndalamazo azatipeza akungo dikira kuti wina afe iwo azingolowa ndi mutu.

    1. mmmm Sibweni, wakwitu to read malawi? over my dead body kikkkkk zingolimbikani kulima fodyayo kumpotoko koma osati zau president, u president ndiwaku southern region basi lyk it or nt

  15. Khumbo mukulimbana nayeyo anachoka kale mupp ndikubwelera kudpp mukufunacha jamani asheni masiala ndale zoti wakwanthu zinatha kale kale

    1. Moti Sunawone Anthu akuvota mu 2009. Do you know the meaning of running mate and previledges he/she enjoys. I will give you only two out of many: one he automatically becomes a vice president, and in case of the situation that the president can not manage the office due to sickness or death he/she automatically becomes a president. Our laws gives himor her to finish the term. In Zambia he/she has to be in office for 60 days and calls for fresh elections. I hope you can conclude if JB was or not president but she is receiving salary as a former head of state. If you have mandate you can stop the gvment.

    2. I don’t want 2 waste ma tym with fools lyk u,she was ur pres not mine,after the demise of our Ngwazi i had no pres that is why she opened every door @ capital hill,as a matter of fact idon’t to hear anything about her.

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