2015: A year of defilement, rape, and suicide cases


As Malawians celebrate the New Year, law enforcers in Malawi’s northern region are flashing back at how cases of defilement, rape, and suicide as well as murder gave them tough time in the just ended year.

Police publicists for some districts in the region revealed to Malawi24 on New Year’s Eve that there were more cases last year unlike in the previous year.

Publicist for Mzimba police, Constable Kanjauso, said cases of defilement, suicide, and rape were the most reported ones last year.

According to Kanjauso, unlike in 2014, last year many people failed to hold their libido as they were often found forcing themselves on little girls.

ArrestedHe added that suicide cases were also rampant in the district as statistics indicate that many people were committing the offence frequently.

Publicists for other districts echoed the same saying the past year has shamed the image of the northern region with rampant cases of sexual abuse and suicides.

Sergeant Ignatius Esau who publicise for Nkhatabay police said while 12 cases of sexual abuse were reported in 2014, last year they received about 19 related cases.

Various people also committed suicides in the district while cases of people who died by drowning in Lake Malawi were also high as compared to other years.

In Karonga district, cases of murder were rife as almost ten related cases were reported to police.

It was astonishing somehow to learn that one of the victims of such killings was one of their chiefs.

However, in random interviews across the region, most people including Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga expressed optimism that in this New Year, they will try to restore the image of their region with stories of development.



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  5. Y are you busy saying it was bad year 2015, do you mean that everything was mess in the year??? Iya say something good about the year 2015

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