Joyce Banda: I will come this year.


‘Joyce Banda is a loser ‘ – DPP

By Lyonike Mughogho

December 31, 2015

Kasaila: Banda is lying to Malawians.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesperson Francis Kasaila has hit back at Malawi former President Joyce Banda following reports that she has been telling the media about the ruling party having a hand in linking her name to cashgate.

JB, as fondly known has been in exile after Malawians refused to extend her duration of controlling the country’s driving seat said DPP wants to damage her reputation, a claim that has evoked a reaction from DPP.

Kasaila said: “JB is already finished politically and for that matter she is not a threat to us.”

He went on to say that the first female president of Malawi was firstly directly linked to cashgate when she was ruling, therefore, castigating DPP as a defensive mechanism does not hold water.

Joyce Banda: Says the DPP wants her arrested.

On the contrary, Banda’s Peoples Party (PP) maintains they are still strong and capable of winning an election provided it is free and fair. The party’s spokesperson, Ken Msonda has nothing but praise for Banda, for being the first president of Malawi to apply intensive efforts in curbing corruption in the country.

Those convicted of corruption have again and again implicated the former president as the main beneficiary of the massive looting and plundering of the country’s resources. In her response, she strongly denied involvement in any foul play with the country’s financial resources. She challenged the Peter Mutharika led administration to take her to court and said she is ready to prove her innocence.

Malawians are eagerly waiting for her return but the details as to the day when she will return remain foggy. The delay in her homecoming has been attributed to failure of the government to provide her with a house, a privilege to which any former president is entitled to.