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Open letter to Virginia Palmer: we are not gays in Malawi

I pray this letter finds you in good health. Virginia Palmer, we have been disappointed and highly offended by your meddling in our country’s affairs. We still do not understand why you Americans, being civilized as you claim to be, will spend your energy telling us which part of our own constitution we must or must not follow. A country’s constitution is worked upon by citizens of the country and it is always according to their own set values. Have you ever heard us questioning your constitution? We know it’s for you, Americans, and applicable to those who chose to put up in your country. Here, homosexuality is an act no sane individual entertains. Unfortunately, you have seen for yourself on your embassy’s facebook page how sane the country’s populace is.

In your demand that the suspected gays arrested on December 7th this year be released, you have once again proved how intolerant you are to other people’s values. We have already told you on numerous occasions that each and every country has got its own laws depending on its people’s perception of life. This is why we have always reminded you that there is for example polygamy, illegal in your country but very much tolerated here. Again, we ask, when did you hear us lobbying for the legalization of polygamy in your country?

Ambassador Palmer under fire from Malawians

If it is hard for you to carry out your duties as ambassador because you believe our constitution is inferior to yours, you can always return to Washington. We are also following your hypocrisy. You preach democracy and human rights yet you do not respect our reasoning. Why? Palmer, again, if you cannot serve your country well here (maybe because you are not heterosexual yourself and so you feel so unsafe here), ask your country to give us another ambassador. We know it’s not the whole of America that is rotten. There are anti-gay brothers and sisters from your 54 states who will peacefully co-exist with us, respect our constitution and treat us as U.S.A’s partner. Your imperialistic tendencies are not helping. Get your bloody hands off our constitution. Here, we are not a habitat for homosexuals.

By the way, how is Ms Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk you jailed on September 3 just this year for contempt after she repeatedly defied a federal judge’s order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples? Remember her reasons? It was in contrast to her religious beliefs. And your America insisted she had to issue the licenses or remain jailed. A very free America that respects people’s religious rights persecuting its own citizen for exercising that very right huh? Palmer, recommend her for your post. She can never utter the nonsense you issued yourself.

We do not understand where you missed it because you also referred to our penal code in your statement. You have said it that those men were arrested and charged with sodomy in violation of section 153 of the Penal Code. Yeah, that’s ours; not American. Our laws are for governing ourselves. Go change your country’s own laws to permit Donald Trump to scold people of other beliefs as much as he can. It seems you’re just obsessed with changing constitutions.

If you are tired staying with us, you can always go back. Malawi is sovereign. And our political structures are different from yours. Next time you will tell us to divide our country into 54 states. We say no to imperialism. We reject your colonial tendencies in all totality. What our police find contrary to our laws will be dealt with according to the supreme laws of our land. That’s why we advise you that if you don’t have issues to follow closely, then develop a habit of watching television. Because you seem to be very concerned with human rights, look, there’s a very big threat to human rights in your country. Donald Trump: you will find him on television with anti-Muslim noise all over. That’s not some real threat to your values? Also, your government is always bombing innocent women, children and the elderly in the Middle East and Africa. You may wish to work on that. That’s nothing too? And finally, we are asking, what’s the difference between you and the Islamic State if both of you are imposing your ideologies on a different people? You should have known American time is over this side, you lost popularity the very moment we realized you do not wish us well.

You have heard enough of anti-gay slants; enough to allow a wise person realize homosexuality is not our thing. The bad thing is, it seems you aren’t that wise. (Prove me wrong). Were you not around when your very president was ashamed in Kenya when he went to relay the same message? We are not gays; that’s why our constitution doesn’t grin at homosexuality. And we are very okay with our Penal Code. If you don’t need partnership with us, just go home and relax. You will be recalled when the leaders of the pro-gay NGOs you fund become leaders: a nightmare that can never come to pass.

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