Open letter to Virginia Palmer: we are not gays in Malawi


I pray this letter finds you in good health. Virginia Palmer, we have been disappointed and highly offended by your meddling in our country’s affairs. We still do not understand why you Americans, being civilized as you claim to be, will spend your energy telling us which part of our own constitution we must or must not follow. A country’s constitution is worked upon by citizens of the country and it is always according to their own set values. Have you ever heard us questioning your constitution? We know it’s for you, Americans, and applicable to those who chose to put up in your country. Here, homosexuality is an act no sane individual entertains. Unfortunately, you have seen for yourself on your embassy’s facebook page how sane the country’s populace is.

In your demand that the suspected gays arrested on December 7th this year be released, you have once again proved how intolerant you are to other people’s values. We have already told you on numerous occasions that each and every country has got its own laws depending on its people’s perception of life. This is why we have always reminded you that there is for example polygamy, illegal in your country but very much tolerated here. Again, we ask, when did you hear us lobbying for the legalization of polygamy in your country?

Virginia Palmer

Ambassador Palmer under fire from Malawians

If it is hard for you to carry out your duties as ambassador because you believe our constitution is inferior to yours, you can always return to Washington. We are also following your hypocrisy. You preach democracy and human rights yet you do not respect our reasoning. Why? Palmer, again, if you cannot serve your country well here (maybe because you are not heterosexual yourself and so you feel so unsafe here), ask your country to give us another ambassador. We know it’s not the whole of America that is rotten. There are anti-gay brothers and sisters from your 54 states who will peacefully co-exist with us, respect our constitution and treat us as U.S.A’s partner. Your imperialistic tendencies are not helping. Get your bloody hands off our constitution. Here, we are not a habitat for homosexuals.

By the way, how is Ms Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk you jailed on September 3 just this year for contempt after she repeatedly defied a federal judge’s order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples? Remember her reasons? It was in contrast to her religious beliefs. And your America insisted she had to issue the licenses or remain jailed. A very free America that respects people’s religious rights persecuting its own citizen for exercising that very right huh? Palmer, recommend her for your post. She can never utter the nonsense you issued yourself.

We do not understand where you missed it because you also referred to our penal code in your statement. You have said it that those men were arrested and charged with sodomy in violation of section 153 of the Penal Code. Yeah, that’s ours; not American. Our laws are for governing ourselves. Go change your country’s own laws to permit Donald Trump to scold people of other beliefs as much as he can. It seems you’re just obsessed with changing constitutions.

If you are tired staying with us, you can always go back. Malawi is sovereign. And our political structures are different from yours. Next time you will tell us to divide our country into 54 states. We say no to imperialism. We reject your colonial tendencies in all totality. What our police find contrary to our laws will be dealt with according to the supreme laws of our land. That’s why we advise you that if you don’t have issues to follow closely, then develop a habit of watching television. Because you seem to be very concerned with human rights, look, there’s a very big threat to human rights in your country. Donald Trump: you will find him on television with anti-Muslim noise all over. That’s not some real threat to your values? Also, your government is always bombing innocent women, children and the elderly in the Middle East and Africa. You may wish to work on that. That’s nothing too? And finally, we are asking, what’s the difference between you and the Islamic State if both of you are imposing your ideologies on a different people? You should have known American time is over this side, you lost popularity the very moment we realized you do not wish us well.

You have heard enough of anti-gay slants; enough to allow a wise person realize homosexuality is not our thing. The bad thing is, it seems you aren’t that wise. (Prove me wrong). Were you not around when your very president was ashamed in Kenya when he went to relay the same message? We are not gays; that’s why our constitution doesn’t grin at homosexuality. And we are very okay with our Penal Code. If you don’t need partnership with us, just go home and relax. You will be recalled when the leaders of the pro-gay NGOs you fund become leaders: a nightmare that can never come to pass.

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  1. Virginia Palmer is married to Ismail Asmal, who’s also a Foreign Service officer. They have two daughters, Aliya and Nadia.

    -Steve Straehley

  2. I strongly support Henry Malidadi Chiwaya comment. Actually which hole did Virginia Palmer came out the time when she was being born. May be she came from anus. My fellow Malawians let us accept the status we are. It is better to die poor than accept their bullshit gay ideas to our God fearing nation. King Dicta, are u a Malawian born from ur mother? Do u read the bible and fear God? Go with your Palmer to America and be physically rich. We are Spiritualy rich and comfortable without American donor support here in Malawi.


  4. We Malawians and all Africans get good things from Europe after sweating and begging . If gay is a good thing you couldnt give us freely, but only after sweating and begging and given conditions to achieve. you would preffer that we beg and beg and beg and cry so that we be given that thing. How come that you are forcing us. Why cann’t you force us huge sums of billion dollars. You are instead forcing gay to us, you are cursed people. May all the curses of Africa be transfeerred to you the Europeans and Americans.

    Keep your stupid gayism and we keep our piece.
    We receive AID after begging the money, you wait for us to beg the gay from you so that you give it normally but do not impose it on us. This clearily proves that gay is a bad thing because all good things are given only after begging.

  5. The last time I checked there were only 50 states in the USA. Where did the other 4 come from???? Who told you there were 54 states and why do you speak for all Malawians as if they all agree with you on homosexuality?
    The last time I checked Malawi was supposed to be a democracy.

  6. Koma ndiye withiridwa fire. Don’t take us as we are all savages. You can see this from this “Open letter to Virginia Palmer” The one who was writing this letter knows your country in and out. Bravo to the one who wrote this letter this lady!!!

  7. How would African Governments fight human trafficking when their governments are being trafficked into slavery by Europe!.

  8. I think malawians we are tempeted coz of dollar all those NGOs and Civil Societies who encourage this Gays and Lebesians shu divoerce their wives and encourage their parents and relatives to do the same wy do we want to lose umunthu tizipambanidwa ndi nyama or galu

  9. What i c is we just say Malawi ndi dziko loopa mlungu pomwe sitili nchimenecho timaopa munthu. Munthu oopa mlungu sangamvere zomwe Mlungu amakana/amadananazo kukakhala kuzunzika amalola, mau amati odala Ali ozunzika chifukwa cha ine/yesu, Joseph analolela kuzunzika chifukwa choopa Mlungu nde ife vuto ndi chani? Mlungu sazataya/kutisiya tokha titachilimika pa iye

  10. We Dont Want That Kind Of Rubbish In This God Fearing Nation, That Is Parralel To The Word Of Almighty God, We Just Want To Warn You To Pack Your Belongings And Leave Or Tichita Kukuthamangitsa

  11. because of our poorest u wnt us to break GOD law u american ur spraying bad laws what kind of right is this? you better go with your money we can not suffer GOD is our controller,engineer pack your items and go, maybe if u can go to Asian country’s they allow you to stay stupid american your dream of demolish the world but with the power of almighty lord it will never possible take your money we re GOD believers not in human beings .satanic there not here

  12. I support de letter as well, why you americans mostly get affected with our constitution? If you are doing it for de donation plz take your blood money back home , we would rather die poor than following your evil deeds

  13. Only God who can solve this situation.what wemust knowis that their’s Satan and God the Father of Abraham and Isaac.Now Satan is doing his work and God doing his work.So to those who are reading the bible their’s nothing strange,it’s the fulfillment of Jesus words that if see such stupid things happening, that means the son of God is at the corner. Their no small sin,if a Gay is going to hell, those who are producing bad words, stealing, adultery are also going to hell
    So we must be very careful when we are speaking.

  14. Mw 24 congrats for this open letter to the Brits n Americans, its high time we say no to these two good for nothing G8 nations for trying to impose things that can not help our countries. If they want to behave like animals let them do it in their own countries. Lets defend our cultural values to the last drop of our blood. Lets not bow down n lick their boots because of aid that comes with stringz attached for their own good, as a matter of fact those who try to test the system, let them face the long arm of the law. Who made them our masters on earth anyway? Devil worshippers

  15. i have always wondered why people bother making someones sexual orientation illegal..being gay doea not affect you or your life or your spiritual belief..leave gay people be at the end of the day they are just sinning and unless you are God you have no right whatsoever to judge them so instead of criminalising human beings who are doing whatever makes them happy and does not hurt any innocent lives lets focus on our on spiritual self and see if we can really stand there and dehumanise another sinner while we all sin on a daily basis. And gay rights are a civil rights movement and if history has taught anythng is that you can not fight peoples civil rights and expect to win…is all am sayin..

    • thats poor thnking, its nt spiritual as u asume. Government needs force to rebuke evil, and christians nids prayer to redeem those under the curse of sodomy, so u dnt help to lender government and its pple powerless nt to fight physicaly and spiritualy alike. If pple dnt rebuke ths at the beggining, no1 wl ever stand and talk and sin/devil wl abound to the extent of provocking God’s anger to punish us b4 time/end time.

    • A Louis nde ayi!! U deserve to go Ku America too,how can you come up with such stupid ideas as Malawian? Did God created a man and another man?? Is God fool by creating a man and a woman?? You are nonsense please….were u borne from another man or from a woman?? Muziganiza bwinibwino,,we as a God fearing we must rebuke what is evil,,ohhh my God..u must be stupid!!!!

    • A Louis nde ayi!! U deserve to go Ku America too,how can you come up with such stupid ideas as Malawian? Did God created a man and another man?? Is God fool by creating a man and a woman?? You are nonsense please….were u borne from another man or from a woman?? Muziganiza bwinibwino,,we as a God fearing we must rebuke what is evil,,ohhh my God..u must be stupid!!!!

    • I like your comment a million times. Pple in Malawi do real grave sins and evil acts which has greater impacts on innocent pple unlike acts of homosexuality. Let God judge and punish them. Ine ma gay ndilibe nao ntchito. If you can’t stop high crime rates, uhule, ufiti, satanism, cash gate, corruption etc. kuli bwanji homosexuality?

    • i know the fear of homosexuality comes from story of sodom and gomorah but you people need to go back and read that story again. Those people werent just gay kunali ma adulterers, corrupt people, fornicators, and all kinds of sinners. So if God is going to punish this its not only going to be because there gay people around but because of all the sins that happen around on a daily basis. So lets fight sins that actually affect us and our lives like amount of corruption in this country.

  16. In malawi we have our own president and laws . Americans have have their own president and laws aswell . So please america dont cross boarders to malawi to overpower malawi no . Leave malawi alone no gay in malawi do it in america not malawi

  17. Malawi is a democratic soceity which beli ve that majority should rule they are few imndividuals who have been trained by u Americans who want to start homsexial here in Malawi. Take them to America where they wil have room for that.Once again Malawians say in one big voice, No To Homosexial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Malawi is a democratic soceity which beli ve that majority should rule they are few imndividuals who have been trained by u Americans who want to start homsexial here in Malawi. Take them to America where they wil have room for that.Once again Malawians say in one big voice, No To Homosexial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. amwene bas ingowakhulukiran maiwa akulakwitsan malankhuliridwe,taonani komwe mwayamba kulowelaku? Tingopempha Mulungu Amukhululukire Pamodzi Ndiomwe Akulimbikitsa Khalidwe ili

  20. amwene bas ingowakhulukiran maiwa akulakwitsan malankhuliridwe,taonani komwe mwayamba kulowelaku? Tingopempha Mulungu Amukhululukire Pamodzi Ndiomwe Akulimbikitsa Khalidwe ili

  21. Preach on, brother, preach on. Its high time we Malawians spoke out to these imperialists. If Virginia Palmer is not a reggae fanatic, I would recommend that she listen to Burning Spear’s “Not Stupid”. Yes, “they want us to think stupid, they want us to feel stupid, hey,hey,hey”

  22. Wochita homosexual ndi nonse wotukana amzanu chilango chanu ndi chofanana palibe wabwino apa Virgia Palmer ndi iwe ochita comment yotukana nonsenu gahena ya moto ikukudikirani.

  23. I have a dream that one day gays in Malawi will walk free and that they wont get arrested by police n embarrased by uncivilized Malawians because somewhere I read in the constitution of Malawi(COM) that discrimination of people on the ground of sex is outlawed. Somewhere I read in the COM that ALL men and women have right to marry(gays included). Somewhere l read in the COM that ALL men n women have the Right to liberty

  24. if you were born from a gay or a lesbian,thats ok BUT if its from the nature God made ie man and woman, then you are an idiot of the highest order together with the devil behind you! why do you force us to do a thing which is an abominationto God? malawi is a God fearing nation! leave us with our poverty God will help us out! to hell with your abominable,bloody donation!

  25. I love ths letter a million tymz,,why is America ths n all whites so obssesed,,,there r alot of minorities why ru interested in gay minority only?away with ur morden world,,our God is neva old or morden thats why He condemned Sodom n here u r using our christianity against us,,wat do u kno abt christianity,,cn u evn say alittle prayer?u lucifers slaves!ova ur dead bloody bodies,,away wif new world arrangement,,away wif ur illuminat constitution

  26. Because We Are Poor: Ndiye Tizingoti Everything Yes: Malawi Wake Up, Azungu Nzitsiru,, Bwanji Osapita Ku America Akapange Zopusazo:

  27. First of all the author of this article is a fool. You can’t speak for all of us. Who do you think you are? We have gays in Malawi and that remains the fact. And they are Malawians just like every other Malawian.

    • devil is promting u and u nid to repent of ur evl thnking. Unless u and ur brothers confess that u do ths evl sex, i wl nt consider u as a nomal person. What interest do u hav in gays? And what is it to u if they are malawians aswel? Does evil represent malawi? If those are evil acts b4 God, why nt malawi to condamn it? Or what u min is that malawi must also respect evil? U are useless and senseless person to hav thnk that way.

  28. Palmer that’s bullshit. If your father married a man could you be born? God created Adam and Eve for the purpose. If you don’t respect God go back to your home and leave Malawi alone.We are God fear people and no Malawian forced your country to follow our laws.We know that your country is physically rich but our country Malawi is spiritually rich. It is better to remain poor than to dance your nonsense American tune.

  29. Unless if it was not in our constitution we could talk in other way,but in this case ,let the law take its course.Madam ,its either you respect our laws or you go back.Coz the time we made these laws you were not there.

    • She and her Mulder’s America if their fore father’s were gays would she be born?we are sick of your colonial rule,we have new friends in Iran,Russia, China,India,Syria, North Korea, interfered in Libya, now we cannot accept again here in Africa,viva Iran viva,Viva Russia,.

  30. Why are you killing the innocent marriage Virginia Palmer?God will punish you for this”Read the bible on Romans chap 1 vs 25-27,Malawians are not Gay and we dont want to be and never shall we,GOD bless Malawi and Africa.Amen

  31. We (Malawians) have a term for it (Homosexuality-Mathanyula). If I was to believe all of you that think we (Malawi as a country) are ‘god fearing’ and we do not or have never had Homosexuals- how did we have a name for it? If something doesn’t exist, we wouldn’t have a name for it. What does throwing insults achieve? Somebody said,” we have a right to be given aid”…. No we don’t genius. We are capable of being independent from aid, we do not have war in the country, nor have we been affected by severe weather to render us completely helpless to provide for ourselves. Swindling individuals have brought the nation to its knees. Those are the”god fearing individuals you speak of?” ….. Every Life Matters…. “Free the Two Guys”

  32. Ha ha ha! Hypocricy. They are the same folks who said stop your traditional beliefs and start following the bible. We listened after reading the bible that sodomy is a sin. Now you the very same colonialists are coming again to promote values that are against the bible and at most our culture in the name of human rights, is there common sense there? Dunderheads.

  33. am Zambian and according to history we used to be one am so happy and glad when our own brothers can stand out like that I support you do what is write let no one intrude or interfear with the state laws of Malawi go go go Malawi keep on stand firm let them change their on rules not ours as Africa unite as one

  34. Palmer I hope u r following this,count the stars that are on yo country’s flag,if counted thank you so much,repent and be baptised in the name of jesus before

  35. Palmer I hope u r following this,count the stars that are on yo country’s flag,if counted thank you so much,repent and be baptised in the name of jesus before

  36. I dont understand the west honestly. why should we always dance to their tune. we are a sovereign state and that has to be respected. Being poor doesnt mean we should be bulldozed. mpake Bingu anamuthamangitsa wina

  37. Malawi24, every individual has a right to exercise and enjoy their Human Rights. You(Malawi24) have exercised your Right to Freedom Of Speech. Your views should not have represented Malawi as a whole. I do not think the way you do. I am in support of Gay Rights and Gay People. The two guys have a right not to be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. You may feel that there are only a few Homosexuals- that means nothing. Every life counts. We have thieving politicians, time and time again we burn down our public facilities. What Malawian Values are those? We have a Police force that is ranked Most Corrupt World Over, what Malawian Values are those? The two gentlemen should be released and the government has to start respecting the lives of every individual.

    • this is malawi not america can’t you see majority of malawians are saying no this devil acts? why precialize ppipo to do things which are against to their values?…..fuck you and your stupid palmer

    • this is malawi not america can’t you see majority of malawians are saying no this devil acts? why precialize ppipo to do things which are against to their values?…..fuck you and your stupid palmer

  38. mukulawisana man mukadana ndi peter….ngati peter anasaina kuti za agaluzi zizichitika ndiye chifukwa chani athu amene anapeea akuchita zamathanyulawa anawamanga? m’mesa akanangowasiya akanakhara kuti iyeyo anasaina….penapake taziganiza mukafuna kuyankhura.

  39. As long as you keep on begging for Chithandizo muziyaluka. A country living a life of a street beggar. What a failure. There are a lot of things Malawians we have to change and they are tough to follow if we want a self supporting country. Try to vote for sensible leaders next time with little or no self interest at all.

  40. I can see and feel how wise malawians are! All what has been jotted in the letter could be enough to a wise person.but because these white bitches are senseless we will soon hear them picking us on other issues! It mattersless whether diplomatic ties get soured.

  41. Emancipate yourselves young ignorant minded fellas from this mental slavery. Too clever for nothing, some don’t know that this Palmer is trying to make you slaves mentally.

  42. It is also against our rights not give us aid and hold us ransom in the name of saying No to Homosexuality. We can not be driven the whole nation change our constitution simply because of the few individuals. They need Jesus Christ and be saved. Otherwise it’s like stealing is bad and against our constitution but are people not stealing? So we can not açcept this.

  43. She is a former foetus as we all are.Why is she diverting natures dictated path.If you Palmer came out through this path why encourage the evil way whoever supports this rubbish just give yourself time to imagine the joy that your parents had when you took your first breath in this world,remember we all are products of of marriage-which is union between man and woman- the byproduct can not manipulate the raw material,the devil who is enticing you to think you can change nature will fail because he is using you the product of heterosexual affair between your father and mother.Let the devil make his own creation through lesbian and gay if he can

  44. By the way i not am not gay,it is just my opinion under the universal declaration of human rights it says no persons shall be discriminated against his sexual oriention, religion ,the argument here is comments express by the ambassador,she is has a right to express her government’s policy position on the matter because that part of her job, she is a career diplomat who knows what buttons to press. i believe that if we are to judge these people for what they do privately then prostitutes should also be arrested, i believe that there homosexuals in Malawi,they live their lives in secret many of these are public figures, one famous psychoanalysist Segfried Freud failed to heal someone with this sexual tendencies,when it comes to God, Jesus said let any who has not commited cast the first stone (John 8) let us not judge let God be the judge.

  45. American palmer if u hve a best wish to our poor bt God fearing nation why not share to us food yet we are starving rather than encouraging us ur evil practices

  46. Yes,dont take yous satanist to bring in our country,although malawi is a poor country but we we are lovely people not be rich in sins is nothing but to be poor in the name of God,we are very rich.

  47. This is a lesson once again to Africans and Malawians in particular that we are alone. and we have to stand alone economically. All this bullshit is on us because we are fooled to think we will die without the so called Donor aid. Let us be brave and establish our economy and eventually our cultural values will be respected. Why do we have to sell our cultural values for money? let is clean Africa.

  48. Since when has Malawi ever been a God fearing nation? There’s way one’s private life can affect another’s religion or faith…. People are against same sex unions because they “hate” homosexuality….and they use religion to justify their hatred…. Poor uncivilized Malawians…. “Hate” is the only thing that is unAfrican and religious…..

  49. Virginia Palmer. Do you do this man to man or woman to woman thing ourself or ur just trying to administer to us a drug u cant tek urself. Remember we survived ur slave trade & now we are also goin to survive ur dollar & sanctions. Giving us the wrong to do wrong – u dont av to hear our thoughts, u know them

  50. My qurstion to this lady,z she married?by who?her fellow lady or man?only when we find out from her these infor,its when we’ll have real picture of this lady.

  51. in each nosense that someone says their is sense out of it.but the nosense you have said madam pammer their is no sense out of it.why not middle east but africa.nanuso azitsogoliri athu munyanya kupepha ndi zimenezi.

  52. God punish this woman Virginia Palmer, is this your home???GI back home and let us suffer in poverty than being in good terms with u than God.we are God fearing nation that’s y we are very much blessed with peace.I will pray that America should fall and china/Japan rise above you.we better be poor but we are ok.Tell palmer I should not meet her in person I will embarrass her,I will do remove all her clothes n sent her back to baby Americano

  53. Go back home palmer,we don’t want gay marriage here in malawi,can gay marriage develop our country?the answer is no. so its useless to us malawians.

  54. She is one of the learned Stupids on earth,does this animal has a mother or a father,I don’t think so….where are our Civil Society Organisations.

  55. If an eye makes u to sin, remove it. In short if any part of the body makes u to commit sins, remove it. Meaning to say its better we face challenges and finally receive everlasting life. Listen american, u say we adhere to homesexuality. No! when we say NO! We mean NO. Surely, stop giving us ua develish assitants. We dont want u america. Ua principles are blutally loathesome. Leave us with our porvety. We cant deliberately commit sins coz of u. The God says whatever makes u to sin disregard it. Now we wholeheartedly discard u, devil, america.

  56. This is reality you Americans, we are indeed very tired of your nonsense. We are a god fearing nation and we totally disaggree with your imposition. Plz leave africa alone because we can live without you but not without God, thank you.

  57. Iwe ndi opusa kwambiri……kungodana naye Peter yo?…..if he agreed n sign,where is the aid?did you not watch or listen to the bbc interview when he was pleading with them to resume aid?….u r very stupid zedi…..ask yourself why jb enjoyed n she still enjoys support ya azungu?………chili chonse choipa koma ndi Peter?….mxieew!….idiot

  58. America a place where devil spares his sleep, don’t destroy us with ur evil dids.ur busy destroying strong leaders of africa ,ufulu wake uti oti mpaka tizichita zosayenela ngat zimenezi ndiye amalawi tikut it is better to remain poor than doing evil things for money

  59. virginia,go back to the usa,if your father had to be gay,would you have been in this world? had your mother been a lesbian would you be in malawi? Please leave our way of life and culture alone,go back to america and have sex with your father ok,go and promote homosexual,lesbianism and incest but not in here malawi ok?go and promote your immoral acts somewhere.america go and do it there leave us alone you imbicile

  60. True. tell us which verse in bible is talking about what you need? already Malawian are suffering as you hold yr funding?Do you malawi be following everthing even if its worry. sorry

  61. Yes This Is Our Mw,not For America,uk, Germany Or Any Country,am In Support With The Letter To Palmer.We R Not Govern By American Or Any Other Country’s Contitution But Our Own,so Pliz Leave Us Alone.We R Not G A Y S.

  62. we are in last days n the son of the living God is near to come, to judge every human kind a cording to our work. the Bible says on 1 corinthians 1 ves 18 ” for the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God” .

  63. 24 News Maagers please make sure that she has seen this publication..and it shud be printed out in news papers too.! These ppo so called activists they are nothing but satan agents..let us say NOOOO to them together.! Back off with your poison so called donation..u think u can provide to us than God can?? JEHOVAH JIREH..Lord shall provide..back off pliz..if ur mom was a lesbian and ur dad a gay,u wudnt b ambasader today..go to hell we don’t want ppo like u pliz.! JESUS CHRIST is wat we hav choosen not your rubish.!


  65. It appears she was born out of a gay marriage. If they are not happy with what is happening here, what are they here for? All they bring to Africa are stupid and devilish ideologies. Why can’t they talk of the more than 50% of Malawians living in extreme poverty. What’s wrong with these people.

  66. mAgay nonse muli mumadzi ulendo uno sitikusekererani pAmozi ndi America akukutumaniyo asatana nokhAnokhA ….kukakhala kuthAndiza america wAnuyo anasiya kale pano tikupanga za ife ndi ma chi na athu pheeee ….amalawi tagwirana mAnja BAbulo tigwesA …muzinjatidwA chonchi basi or belo siinunkha agaru inu

  67. If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them….Leviticus 20:13……

  68. We r malawians not Americans if not interested pack and go, r u marriad to a fellow weman if i may i ask? Is your husband a woman? If not then why?

  69. You Americans should understand that Africa is for Africans. What ever it takes, is there for Africans to take charge. You don’t have to tell us what to do. Instead, we will tell you what to do because you don’t belong here! Why are you always insolvent?

  70. Ndipo sindikusowa America mu moyo wangawu,afiti,asatana,Virginia kazipita usadzabwerenso or kusadzabwerenso nzako wina kuno,we are tired of you Satanists…

  71. koma anthu enanutu mukhonza kudya manyi chifukwa chofuna ndalama,koma musayiwale kuti money is not every thing in alife time,amene akufa chifukwa chosowa mankhwala nzipatala ndichifunilo chamulungu,akamati munthu opirira amawonekera munthawi yazovuta amalawi tiyeni tilikonde dziko lathu pogwiritsa ntchito lamulo la mdziko mwathu osati anthu ena chifukwa ndife ovutika ayi.let’s stand together and say no gays in our lovely Malawi.

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    * All men and women are welcome to join this Temple of
    Only Success, Respect and Super-Rich
    * share no secrete with anyone,not even your wife or mother,
    because we are watching..don’t look for what you can’t see.

  73. Malawian Laws Should Work On Its Citizens!! Ngati Anthu Ameneo Ndi Aku America We Are Going To Release Them! Apo Bii Uzipita!!

  74. When we read bible on Leviticus 20 v 13 it says if a male sleeps with a man acting as a woman both of them must stone to death. So Malawi’s law favours the gays by imprisoning for 14 yrs.So plz u America leave us alone we dont follow devil like u, we,we fear God,God of Abraham,Isaac n Jakob so dont disturb us u devil dats y u r causing fight whole world,look in Libiya,Iraq there fighting bcoz of u America, leave Malawi alone

  75. a lot of u r using emotions. you are claiming malawi is a christian nation. who declared it so and when. i thot njira ya kumwamba ndiyosankha pawekha pawekha. asiyeni nanga ku gahena kusakakhale munthu mesa i thot kufuna anthu ngati omwewa. i dnt see any issue here. atha kumapanga zawozo koma zisamatinyase tisamaziwe nawo ife. we want aid basi nde

  76. First of all, allow me madam Virginia Palmer to call you stupid.secondly, I would like know from you, stupid woman ever;how did u find urself in ur stupid America?,were u born through ur stupid gays or Lesbians?.thirdly, I would like to assure u that Malawi is a God fearing country en will neva bow down to ur stupid behaviour.Last bt 1,I would also like 2 assure dat as long as God is on our side Malawians will neva neva die coz of poverty.Lastly, I beg u 2 wipe ur buttocks en pack ur items en leave our peaceful country inorder 4u 2continue worshiping ur stupid devil in ur stupid America!.mxieeew!!.

  77. madam,madam,madam palmer how many times have i called your name? you mean our poverty should make us fall into this sin? sorry we are Africans and we say no to this

  78. madam,madam,madam palmer how many times have i called your name? you mean our poverty should make us fall into this sin? sorry we are Africans and we say no to this

  79. Even If You Go! We DON’T MIND! What is vital to be with you palmer and your so called America and to lose GOD. We Better Remain With GOD than to be with you!

  80. Africa respect its own culture which shares traits across,yes we value funderment human rights how ever malawian society do not recognise gaysm.ur aid shouldnt be the driving powerhouse to accept your behaviours.lets al A

  81. the goodness is that she was born to alesbian couple! NB;whenever uhav bin attacked by thugs/robbers dnt kam to our police cause zey are the very same ones enforcing the constitution u blame here,it means the anti theft/criminal penal codes are also not valid.! Idiot

  82. We shld mobilise pipo to give the USA, UK and Germany a petition to stop tmem from meddling in our domestic affairs. This can b achieved if all united Churchs, citizens and traditional leaders come together and speak with one voice. #occupayUSAUKGermanyEmbassies#PalmerMustFall

  83. We know that we are poor but we are not stupid to be dictated by the imperialistic Americans.They can have their contaminated money and we will have our poor Malawi.

  84. Choyamba asiyane ndi mkazi wake, timve kuti akabila name ndi mwamuna mzache (called first gentle man) rubbish American,rubbish Balack Obama and rubbish.

  85. You’re stupid white bitch I thought your mom and dad slept together and bore u and u come and tell us shit, go and rot in hell with your ungodly behaviour

  86. kudana ndi inu sikuti tadana ndiMulungu ai, panopanso mulibe value kwa ife kweni kweni ai sipakhala kusintha kweni kweni ai. chifukwa sikuti mukutithandiza ai. kodi simmaesa paja tidatenga ufulu wozilamulira tokha paja? tikadasatira ulamuriro wanu ndie kuti sipakadakhanso kufunika indipendence ai.

  87. Vorginia Palmer mmmm have you ever find yourself in lesbian’s life?? @1[0:1:Mulungu akukhululukile pamodzi ndi omwe akutumawo]
    ndili odwabwa kuti chinthandizo simukutipatsa koma mukufuna kumatilamulira why doing that??
    America where devil and evil people stay,what you have to know z Malawi is a nation/country that stands according to God’s will therefor do not take us away from the thrown of our lovely and caring father

    tpical malawian

  88. Vorginia Palmer mmmm have you ever find yourself in lesbian’s life?? @1[0:1:Mulungu akukhululukile pamodzi ndi omwe akutumawo]
    ndili odwabwa kuti chinthandizo simukutipatsa koma mukufuna kumatilamulira why doing that??
    America where devil and evil people stay,what you have to know z Malawi is a nation/country that stands according to God’s will therefor do not take us away from the thrown of our lovely and caring father

    tpical malawian

  89. U better go back to America rather than demanding us,we’re malawians and u’re an American different cultular practices and beliefs,mama virginia palmer we’re not the gays,finally,i totally support the letter.May Almighty God bless MALAWI.

  90. We r a God fearing country,God created adam n eve not adam and adam thats y we cnt bow down to ur stupidity and we value ouselves and our culture,if malawi is too hot for u go back to USA n refresh ur dirty mind

  91. l can even stone u king dict,hv u lost ur brain?.Evn if i dnt know ur doctrine u should know that anything that z firthy z not only a sin but an engrievious abomination,so watch out ur mouth & sence ur sense ov humor

  92. those fighting 4 such bad rights suprisingly have wives and husbands, palmer pack ur sacks and go malawians are not of such nature, mbuzi za anthu, agalu, afinye, ndimawona ngati kuyerako2 ndi nzeru chisiru iwe

  93. U better go back to America rather than demanding us,we’re Malawians and u’re an American different cultural practices and beliefs mama virginia palmer we’re not the gays,finally,i totally agree wth the lettr.God bless MALAWI

  94. those fighting 4 such bad rights suprisingly have wives and husbands, palmer pack ur sacks and go malawians are not of such nature, mbuzi za anthu, agalu, afinye, ndimawona ngati kuyerako2 ndi nzeru chisiru iwe

  95. This is article is uncalled for. As a nation, we have right to express ourselves but we should also respect the views of others. Umodzi Party is for tolerance, respect, patience, love and understanding. Remember these gays were arrested in their homes. Their privacy was invaded. I do not think the ambassador is wrong. I would like the police to arrest all people that are having sexual affairs with prostitutes in the hotels and secret places as well as and those that are sleeping with spouses other than theirs. The hate I read here is uncalled for and I would like the author to apologise to the the ambassador for this article. We as a nation we need as many friends as we can get and we need to follow the law. I believe strongly that the Police wronged the Gays and if they had public kissing, marriage or any act that is construed sexual in public the Police should have arrested them. I will defend all the ambassadors that want us to live as civilized people not hypocrites. We go to church but as a people we do very bad things and we should not claim innocence on this issue as we have a lot to answer for. We are full of hate, tribalism and regionalism. In addition we normally do not assist our friends when in trouble.

    • Ka ndimwe wankhu???are u sure u are ok in your brain???so if other pipo are doing bad things we should just see???n which party is that you are proudly mentioning???that’s y you will Neva win n you will owez be the tail.God punish you

  96. If u are normal u would always know that, white people are greed and rubbish on this planet, we are not at peace coz of this evil creature Mxm

  97. I wonder and at times get intrigued by you guys who post comments here. Do they help? It’s like telling a puppy doll that it needs to bark. Interestingly, it can’t bark, listen to you and or respond. Why? Because it is a doll. Don’t waste your precious time. Your comments don’t help! Post a pic of your graduation, or marriage ceremony, or whatever that make you happy. It would be so much better. THANK YOU

  98. Where’s mugabe when u nid him…he couldve sorted out this flat ass face whore once n for all…mxiii..we don’t entertain gays or lesbians in MALAWI…

  99. ngat a palmer atopa kukhala mudzi muno,ayalule mpasa nayenda kwawo. asat chulukile nzeru a malawife. apo bii, tinkoleka mateyala mnkhosi kuti timuotche ndithu asiye zake zopusazo..allaaah!! kapena mateyala atha kumeneko? pasavute, palmeryo mubweretse kuno ku ndirande tizangogwira ntchito. zazing’ono zimenezi!! ati jaila eti? kapena atha matha et? koma chot aziwe; kuno sikwawo..hule uyu, mwana wopanda makolo ngat uyu sitinamuone. galu! kapolo! kafunyani! amufunse dzake wa ku britain uja m’mene tinanthamangitsila… asatinyaseposo apa ndi zawozo…..

  100. Next time you will be telling us to sleep with our mothers, sistes, grandmothers and others. Lets stand what we value most. Where we share lets share but not gay.

  101. that’s the way to go! I heard Obama saying you don’t interfere with internal matters then what’s this? so you want to destroy our country like you did to Afghanistan, Egypt & Syria. no you won’t madam palmer

  102. One Malawi, one voice . United you stand divided you fall. To be silence in the mist of evil is a sin. Long live Africa , long live the sovereign country of MALAWI. God bless the irreversible constitution of Malawi and help them to mentain their stand even in the mist of storm.

  103. Remember apartheid South Africa? They alos justified their discrimintion on religious grounds. Didn’t hear much from Malawians then about countries minding their own buisiness. Malawi is a member of the Commonwealth.Now if you are a member of this organisation people from other commonwealth countries ARE allowed to observe and comment on your shortcomings. If you do not like this then it is time for you to do what the racist South African regime did – leave. The purile postings here are revealing to the world just what an ignorant and disgusting load of thugs that gays in your country have to put up with. Of course none of you would accept US, British, Canadian, French, New Zealand or Australian passport if offered one because these are obviously “sodomite” loving countries. And naturally you are going to reject all aid from these countries because they have sodomite and sodomite sympathetic taxpayers. I await your predictably racist, hateful and ignorant response.

    • Peter. You are absolutely right in your comment!
      I strongly disagree with the opinion of Beaton Galafa on this issue.
      On top of that I am disgusted with the comments on the article that have been posted.
      They are offending – I call it racism ‘the other way’- towards the US ambassador & the United States.
      In most of the comments, people just ‘shout and offend’. No decent arguments. None of them educated, it seems…
      Having lived in Malawi for 3 years, there’s only 1 conclusion I can draw from this article and the posts agreeing on it:

      Malawi needs “our money” being donors (or as you said a passport to our world), but doesn’t want our interference on basic human rights.
      Fine, I would say. That’s a basic right Malawi is entitled to.

      Consequence should be – America; Europe, Japan and all other donors should pull out immediately of Malawi.

      Malawi – and all these people that have posted and agree with Beaton – can hence solve it’s problems by themselves.

      I wish them & Malawi good luck!

  104. These envoys of the devil must proceed to eternal hades to meet their master there. More over Americans are no longer donors to Malawi we are assisted by the Chineese. Send her packing

  105. Kodi manyuzi paper akumalawi limozi ndi anthu akumalawi tinakhala vp?tinauzidwa kuti nkhani ya ugay abwapini anthu anavomeleza ze coutry was khuma osawonesa mkwiyo,pano anthu ayamba kusata malamulowo boma likuwamanga wowafunila zabwino kamba kaufuluwawo omangidwawo mukuti akulakwa vp malawi changamukeni prizi,kwaineyo sindikuvomelezananazo zomachindana anthu aziwalo zofanana koma mfundo yanga yili apa bwanji sitinakuwe poyamba titangova kuti boma lavomeleza?iam the special one

  106. Can you please worry with terrorism happening in America and Refugees you created by killing Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi.Expect more refugees including gays take them they should be wrestling in America

  107. sometimes you have to think before you comment or answer enanu mukuyankhulazi zikuonetselatu kuti politics simumai jaja zili ngati paden when you are staying with your parents ngati ulibe any financial source akamakupatsa ndalama amakuuza terms n conditions ngati sukufuna umakhaula koma after tym umapanga accept in short we are puppets why not accepting chovuta ndichani asiyeni makapeo aziikana kumbuyoko

    • A king Dicta, ndimaona ngat muyankhula zenizeni, koma apa zikuonesa kut mutha kugulisa wachibale kapena katundu wanthupi chifukwa cha umphawi. Muziwe kut msomba ikaola imozi zonse zimaola. Ngakhale amapanga zimenezo ndanthu ena, koma oona aziti amalawi amagonana okhaokha. Tukana zimenezo ife, atisiye tizafe ndiumphawi wathu basi, olo atapanda kutithandiza, mukuona ngat tonse kumalawikuno tingamwalilre???

    • lf she want gay or want people to do those stupids behavour she can jast take them to america giv them citzen ship so that they can enjoy themself and do those satan work there nt Malawi,

    • Firstly,Dicta whether you’re a christian or not you’re asked to get The Holy Book of Bible and read Leviticus chapter 20 verse 13.In our religeous beliefs this practice of gayism is taboo/an abomination before Our Creator Lord GOD and you can hear it for yourself the punishment for this nasty doers even from the gospel. Secondly,be verified also that both in Our Malawian Culture & in the consititution of Malawi Government gayism is not recognised thus it isn’t allowed.Therefore,anybody found doing this stinking practice is breaking the laws of Malawi and reliable to face law enforcement actions.It’s just an exaggeration of understanding for the sake of doing evil things in the name of human rights.I stressly say i am ain’t coward like you portray it in your comment that merely because Malawi is a poor nation that gets aid from countries like America then if we give BIG NO to this they will hold their support from us.Let’s be frank,Americans is now for long time they have given deaf ear to our crying about poor economic situation.They don’t help us much as they used to doing in the past,then should we fall into their practices merely for the sake of getting their donation/aid?We’ve been alraedy in this tough situation of lacking their aid but and have been stiff on us then they should not find it an advantage of climbing our shoulders now.Slowly as long as we keep united and maintain hard work combined with new resolutions we will at one time prosper and sing halleluyah than falling into sinful practices deliberately because of aid thirsty!

    • guys I appreciate whatever you might say because you can say whatever you got say but the fact is you will accept it ngati ndalama zimene mumalandila zimachokela kwa iwo and its not about being christian or whatever your culture you belong its about money anthu akufa ndi njala kusowa makhwala inuo palibe chimene mungapangepo and you are busy waiting your time kulimbana ndi chala chomwe chikuku dyetsani ngati simukufuna wonongani nyanja muzigulitsa mafuta tione ngati simuyamba kuphulitsana ndi ma bomber and my mind you they don’t give a damn about poor people

    • Musavutike nacho ichi ndi cha satanic ichi mutangoononga nzeru zanu ndi fees ya bambo anu chifukwa cha zizungu zanu zothyakuka bwino kuti ivetsetse mbuliyi …!

    • King Dicta Let me say a few things. First, read the Bible about Sodom and Gomora. Second, you know money is the root of all evil. Third, Parents never ask their child to do an evil thing for money unless the whole family are criminals. Fourth, in the Bible try to read about the terms of bearing the 666 mark of the devil. Do you really think we should allow evil so that we get paid? Just think about it man

    • King Dicta Let me say a few things. First, read the Bible about Sodom and Gomora. Second, you know money is the root of all evil. Third, Parents never ask their child to do an evil thing for money unless the whole family are criminals. Fourth, in the Bible try to read about the terms of bearing the 666 mark of the devil. Do you really think we should allow evil so that we get paid? Just think about it man

  108. I gat no issue with someone being GAY. But not my fellow Malawian, that’s my family. Hello Americano! Where is your democrasy now? Go home bitch report 2 that son of a Slave U call a presidebnty

  109. Kuthandza boma ndi funding mukukana, malarial project munaikhomelera, motherhood project ndi peace corp volunteer mumakana ,kungomva tamanag ma gay mwatulukila, azungu oipa

  110. l totaly agree with the letter,indeed if the woman is tired staying the country should go back in america leaving our country at its peace madam vilginia palmr dont take part in Malawis laws.If you bow to satan with your america we Malawians we dont l ask you to go without spoiling our nation.

  111. This open letter must published in our daily papers! if u dont have the money to do it, let us kno we will do it. Malawi is neither Sodom nor Gomorah

  112. “We equally reject attempts to prescribe new rights that are contrary to our norms, values, traditions and beliefs. We are not gays. Cooperation and respect for each other will advance the cause of human rights worldwide. Confrontation, vilification and double standards will not,” #We_Are_Not_Gays

  113. Moya Pitala should be telling the American’s osati aziuza ife kuti he wants to eradicate corruption yeah yeah hw many times have we heard that before????

  114. “Kodi wapakaliyala amaimba belo?” atcheya. Palmer, mayi walenti sadula malile, ngati kwanu abakha amachinda nkhuku inu mmanja kwa kwa kwa sikuno ayi. ndife amphawi koma nyasi sitilola. iyiyi iyi ndi ndeu yanyumba sizikukhuza olo pang’ono khala tchende.

  115. Kodi tikadali manja mwa atsamundabe kapena ndife odziyimilila tokha? Kuli zithu zambiri zoti mukadathandiza koma azungunu ndinu anthu opanda nzeru ndinu zinyama za tchile

  116. Zimenezi amafunika kulankhula ndi “Pitala” koma panopa i don’t think zithandiza kanthu, popeza mbuzi ikutitsogolerayi ikuoneka kut imasangalatsidwa kuona anthu akupanga zonyasa.. Ndakayikanso ngat ali ndi mpingo..

  117. Gays are psychopathic cunts with no values at all . Those imperialists are free to take these gays to their country and they can do it now. .

  118. How do you want us to tell you that sex between men thru an anus is not a human right, its an immorality and detestable before our God at least for those of us who believe in God. Uhuru told your president that this is a non issue here. Mugabe told you at the UN that we are not gay. If sex of men thru an anus is your culture in America so be it in America!! In Malawi its filthy behaviour not even dogs can do and Malawians are better than dogs!