Agent for Dru Hill arrested for duping money from Malawians

Dru Hill

Days after the show by American music group Dru Hill got canceled, police in Malawi have netted a South African by the name, Archibald Tugere for obtaining money amounting to MK 2 Million by false pretence, Malawi24 can reveal.

Thousands of Malawians had already bought tickets for the show only to be canceled just less than 24 hours to the slated show.

Malawi24 had reported on Friday that  the  multi-platinum selling group has canceled the shows due to mismanagement of funds by its agent.

Dru Hill
Dru Hill canceled the Malawi show.

But fresh reports that this publication has been following show that Tugere, an art promoter who is the owner of South African flagship Tugere Tv Media and Events has landed himself in the hot hands of Malawi police.

Tugere had been by hired Umodzi Park to organize the show.

Police in Lilongwe told our reporter that Umodzi Park’s Sales and Marketing Officer, Temwa Kanjadza had gone to police to lay the charges against the South African.

At the moment, Tugere who had picked Skeffa Chimoto to support the group in performance is sparing himself a cold night at Lingazi as he is being accused of breaking contractual agreement between his event company and the Umodzi Park.

The event got canceled on Friday, a day before the show where the American group could perform before over 8,000 people, more than half of which had already bought tickets.

From Lilongwe, Dru Hill – which comprises lead singer Sisqó, as well as Jazz, Nokio and Tao – was supposed to go to South Africa where the group was scheduled to perform at the Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg on December 18.

Fans who bought the tickets have been expressing worries to the Peermont Hotels and officials at Umodzi Park who led the event.

At the moment, it is not known as to when the South Africa will be taken to court.




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