Crime: Beer lands Ntcheu men in jail


Malawi Police in Ntcheu district have disclosed that alcohol, which is regarded as the main form of entertainment by most men in the district, is the most source of trouble for men in the district.

arrestedAccording to Ntcheu police, currently they have registered 37 reported cases of defilement compared to 32 cases in the same period of January to November last year, primarily those due to alcohol.

Ntcheu police deputy spokesperson, Hastings Chigalu, said by now over 30 men are serving jail terms after being found guilty of defilement which they did under the influence of alcohol.

“A lot of men are addicted to beer here and when they are high they pounce on little girls”  Chigalu said.

Recently, a 36 year-old man identified as Sipac Pheletu  of Hauya village, Traditional authority Ganya in Ntcheu defiled his 14 year old step daughter  just after he had returned from a drinking joint.



  1. Angoni ngodya zawo nizingati? Ndinava Lucius akuyimba nthawi ina yake, nditausa mvula panyumba ina ya bwana wina ku falls, LL. Kotero ndakumbuka nthawiyo, 2007 pa December.

  2. z it bkoz of alcohol or the intention was already zea amangopeza kobisalira? Nanga sanakagwiririre mahule akumowako bwanji ngati inali influence yamowa?

  3. Ngati diso lako likukuchimwitsa kulibwino kulichosa nkukhala ndilimozi,
    Kulibwino kukhala ndi ambuye kusiyana ndikukhala ndi mtendere wakathawi chochepa

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