War within :’I will die for UDF’ Expelled Iqbal Omar says

Iqbar Omar

Dust refuses to settle with the Malawi opposition party the United Democratic Front (UDF) first vice president Iqbal Omar has denied that he left the party saying he will be a member of the party till death.

The party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) expelled Omar and two other officials on allegations that they were forming parallel structures as Omar appointed new regional governors and he also opened a new regional office in Lilongwe without the knowledge of the party.

Iqbar Omar
Omar:Refusing to step down.

However, during a press conference in Lilongwe Omar said he is still the party’s first vice president.

“I am still the party’s first vice president. Only the party’s convention can decide whether I am elligible to continue being the first vice president or not,” said Omar.

He further said that he loves UDF more than his businesses and he will die for the party. He also denied allegations that he was forming parallel structures.

Omar, a former Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City South West constituency, was booted out together with two other officials in the party: deputy director of women, Zaitana Yusuf, and Dinocious Magombo.



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