Let us not over-praise Magufuli, at least not yet!

John Magufuli

Lately, the newly elected President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, who was sworn in early last month, has received a lot of praises. In most cases, I am sure the praises have been exaggeratedly heaped on him, especially on the social media, by Malawians. I am not surprised at why Malawians are over-praising Magufuli probably more than Tanzanians themselves: Malawian politicians and leadership, and the politics itself, have failed us so much that in our desperation for a messiah, we have begun to look across borders and admire anything that our neighbours have. And we are now generously giving credit even for actions that do not really mean anything in a critical sense.

I like very much what, Donald Trump, one of the aspirants for the office of President of the USA in the 2016 Elections said when he was asked to say something good about President Obama, like the fact that Obama killed Osama bin Laden. Trump refused to praise Obama, and argued critically that Obama did not deserve much praises for the killing of bin Laden.

John Magufuli
Magufuli is an admiration of Malawians

Bin Laden was killed in May 2011 during a US military raid at his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan under Obama’s administration. Many Americans praised Obama highly for the killing of bin Laden, and Obama himself used that as part of his campaign for re-election in 2012.

But according to Trump, Obama did not need to be over-praised for the killing of bin Laden because he did nothing challenging under the circumstances that led to the killing. Trump presented that when the American intelligence officials finally discovered the whereabouts of bin Laden in Pakistan, Obama had three easy options. Either to order the US Military to strike the compound with a missile, or send American troops to go and get him. And thirdly, Obama would have ordered the military just to leave bin Laden alone, which no sane president would have done.

So, the only thing Obama did in this case, which did not even require a genius or much thinking, was to sit in the Whitehouse and tell the military to go and get him. Telling the military to go and get bin Laden, which was already what needed to be done, and any president would have done the same, did not require too much praises according to trump, which I agree in a critical sense.

This is exactly how I look at the case of Magufuli and the too much praises he is receiving. Much of what Magufuli has done do not require some genius, or great thinking or anything. These are publicity stunts out of excitement for the victory he recently secured. Newly elected presidents perform a few strange stunts upon election and that is what they need to do. In Malawi, all our presidents have done similar things starting with Kamuzu Banda, Bakili Muluzi, and Bingu wa Mutharika too. Joyce Banda, pulled even heavier publicity stunts than Magufuli and made her own headlines in the international media. And Peter Mutharika too pulled some stunts of his size.

Why exactly would we over-praise Magufuli for riding a bicycle, or walking from Statehouse, or shoving street rubbish with his hands? Yes, that could be relatively business unusual but what exactly does it mean in a critical sense? Some of these stunts are not even sustainable: I mean, he will not always shove the street rubbish with his hands, neither will he always ride bicycles and walk from statehouse. He might even never visit the sick in some hospital again!

Let us not over- praise Magufuli, at least not yet.

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  1. U have forgotten also that he refuses to receive gift from people. no unnecessary allowances. reshuffle the ministrials and no buying luxury cars for minister coz olready has.few people wen travel and many things to make sure money is saved! I mean like. can’t we give credit were is due?Mkufuna mwana wa eni ayambe bwanji ife kwathu zikutikanika koma chumaso sichikuyenda bwino kamba ka dyera. God should have mery on Malawi! !!!


  3. Yaaa tuyenela kumayamikila pa zabwino inu a Mw24 mulibe mphamvu yoletsa an2 kumayamikila pa zimene awona whether Magufuli is a Tanzanian or not but let him ntchito za manja ake zimuchitile umboni nsanje bwanji inu za mdziko mwanu nzofoila nde u expect kuti anthu awombele mmanja zopoila

  4. ithink is undstandb n aventuallency to support that guy with areasozn…. you can see that he trying to change things in less than three months which is quagmire to our presdent so support that presdent sicholakwika

  5. Magufuli hit the ground running, thats why human beings and animals are all praising him. He is genius and a game changer if you ask me

  6. “The devil whom you know is better than the angel whom you don’t know” if you see TZ as agood place, you go there, but you will make it bad coutry again!

  7. Thats typical of us Malawians,we are very good at over-praising leaders.Remember the ‘Mose wa lero’type of praises.Its high time we stop this behaviour if our leaders do something good they are not doing us a favour but simply doing what we pay them for.

  8. Don’t be jealousy admin. He deserves it. You praise somebody for an affirmative action right at the time he does it. When tomorrow he does the opposite, you discredit him right then! Every action, small or ernomous, deserves praise or reproach respectively. When you are driving a tattered car full of jit- jots, it is humanity to praise a neighbour who is driving an equally old car ofbyour kind but well maintained! You could also seek advice from him on how best you sustain yours. In every aspect, Magufuli has started well – take it or not. Being Malawians doesn’t mean we shouldn’t praise people beyond our frontiers, especially those who endeavour to create a rich bank for the poor masses at the grassroots – those who tiressly work hard to narrow the gap between the rich and poor. Kkkkkkkkkkk good evening admin. Ndangodutsapo abale anga.

  9. Say due where neccessary, even our own Bwampini we can praise him if he does something gud but only that he seems to be in a pallarel line with great achievements.

  10. its not wrong to say good to a foreign president.our former president the late bingu was once praised by the world for his hunger fighting.have u forgoten the african food basket

  11. We r proud of our president APM, know matter what situations we r passing we will cross de river and we will celebrate together.

  12. Kadiatu Jalloh, Eliza Kache, Salaiman Jalloh, Khumbo Kay T Semphani, Agustiny, Jane Chiyota, Penda Diallo, Mwangi Stella, Musa Matoroka, Daud Maulid Andrew, Isabello Wa Tambala, Kris White, Mogomotsi Seleke, Jackline Venestus, Mesha Fumbi, Orignal Kezie Ok Jemiter, Isaac Kkp, Shani Abubakari, Malibakiso Sello, James Donton, Patrick Peshes, Fabiano Wa Chunga, Vidic M Njombwinjo, Diana August, Jasper Koinonia, Memory Chimwala, Mike Maluleka, Aupa Motse, Paul Daudi, Faides Mkwawa, Rukia John, Osward Ernest Thanks all of u

  13. President wa ku tanzania akucita zinthu zomwe kuno kulibe he is a humble person while kunoko kulibe samazichepetsa.akusamala chuma cha boma kusamaenda pafupipafupi kupita kunja kufuna kusamala tindalama zomwe ali nato.while kuno ndalama zochepa zomwezi akungoononga kumagula magalimoto odula osagwirizana ndi chuma chomwe tili naco maulendo ndi osakamba ndie ife tikusirira azathu aku tanzania si ife tokha ai amene tikumuyamilira angakhale azungu mpaka pa bbc ndipo samakamba former koma peter funso lililonse jb jb mpaka mtolankhani kumuletsa kuti asie kukamba za jb ngati muno muli atsogoleri oziköda mumati tiziyamikira zimenezozo am proud of magufuli mukatha mubwere ku malawi muzalamulire tikusirira.

  14. When shall you still be in captivity? Talk about Malawi and help to find possible solutions to problems that are dissolving the warm heart of Africa. Why praising foreign nationals. Be players and not spectators!

  15. We r praising Magufuli for what he has done so far. We shall not praise him for ever if he goofs. The praises heaped on Magufuli are in fact a mark of irony. We want the mesej to reach APM and his DPP so that they borrow a leaf. The first few weeks of reign for Bakili, Bingu and JB saw good fruit of our vote, though later they changed color. But with APM there is no element of goodies with him in power. U can’t immediately point anything positive with APM. While JB we hd fuel, forex and electricity the following day she took power. So while we r praising Magufuli in essence we r condemning APM. As journalist, Mw24 u shud hv read the people’s mind. It was supposed to be YOU telling us what I hv just written

  16. We just have to look at the postive changes he has made only in a month time nanga pumbwa wanuyu can he point even a single postive thing he has done to this poor country since h was sworn in

  17. If someone does good thing lets people also talk good things about him,if our own president do thngs his people and foreign countries praises him is it a sin?and the same media will come and say our president has been recognised by many up to our neighbours,if we dont learn good things to our neighbour will we always wait and learn to white people? Some have wisdom and some have interigence if the president of Tanzania has got a wisdom good things will continue to flourish but only with interigence one day he will stop. So its good to praise whe has done good to our freinds there because we are in the same continent of Africa.

  18. Dear Tanzanians,

    This is just a humble request. Give us Magufuli in exchange for our beloved president. We shall even add Hon.Kaliati and Hon. Nakhumwa and a few others if you so wish. I believe it will be an honest exchange coz we are giving you three
    people in exchange for only one. We shall even add Hon. Khumbo Kachale ok plus Some members of PAC. Isn’t this a fair deal? We are waiting to hear from you.

    Citizens of Malawi

  19. I really do not know whether Magufuli will forever sweep streets and cycle to the state house. It reminds me of APM buying ‘bonya’ at LL Market which I doubt whether he tasted it himself and then took a minibus ride to Likuni via Chisapo. Has APM maintained this? African politics. After amassing support, African leaders leaders turn against their supporters. For Magufuli, he has started well. The rest-Let’s wait and see

  20. Pa ma campain kuyankhula fundo zabwino akayamba kulamula ndiye mbuzi za wanthu. Akuti dzipaatala sangathe kusamala choncho ndi bwino kuti azigulitse chifukwa alibe ndalama pamene akuyesetsa apa ndi apa kuti agule ndege. Chitengeleni boma chanzeru chikhale chokweza mitengo ya zinthu? And its high time Goodall Godwe have to b replaced.

  21. bt u cant stop me from praising the one and only sir Robert mugabe….the true African leader he was only second to the King of Africa murmar Gadafi….

  22. Atleast He is trying to fulfil what he promised to his pple!Unlike our leaders who make empty promises!In 3months he has shown wat gud n vision leadership is all about!

  23. If u ask me…..ama tell u the guy is doing gwd for now,and he deserves to be recommended.If he does samthng crazy samday we will nt praise him.We will do wat we know best

  24. Hahaha he deserves it all he is just implementing what he used to promise people during his campaign….. Malawians we are only good at talking search me….

    1. Should that new-new book for adjectives and appreciate how pple of different linguistic backgrounds compare potentialities of others in power kikikk

    2. Should read that new-new book for adjectives and appreciate how pple of different linguistic backgrounds compare potentialities of others in power kikikk

  25. except me an myself,, I Praise His Excellency Dr A.PM for he is the visionary leader Malawi has ever seen. under his leadership, he has completed the LL Bypass Road, The Bingu Stadium, he has also rolled out the Malata Subsidy Programme which wil in the long run see Malawians accessing decent housing among other notable achievements. It is only short-sighted unpatriotic Malawians who are always criticing the current leadership. Sizachilendo, paja an empty tin makes a lot of noise!!!!!

    1. #noel waiwala zina our leader has vision pogulisa msb,kutenga anthu 111 ku newyork jst 2 admire & seen hw newyork is,kubeledwa chkwama kaamba ka longroute transport,pofuna kugulisa zipatala zaboma kt we poors tizifa kaamba kosowekera ndalama kt tikapeze chthandzo,pofuna kuvomeleza gayizm,pakusatengapo mbali kwa kupsa misika,kuchepa kwachtetezo nd zna zambiri go go go mr pulezident kwanilisa lonjezo lako kt suzathandza anthu koma kuwalanga.

    2. Zipatala akuzigulitsa titani ife anthu osauka ndipo malatawa ndi okomera ochitako bwino osati osauka ndalama akungoonönga #selfish apm

    3. You Noel,u are the one who is not shortsighted but blind! Let me not say much,with the lack of security in Nyasaland,u cadets are a security hazard!

    4. You Noel,u are the one who is not shortsighted but blind! Let me not say much,with the lack of security in Nyasaland,u cadets are a security hazard!

    5. guys lets lets learn to give a credit where it is due. atleast we have hope in this APM,, I can assure you pipo give him two years muzasimba lokoma. koma naa pa nkhani ya magetsi yokhayi eeeeeeeeish zatiwonjeza kodetsa nkhawa!!!!!

    6. bypass ya 12km, the whole prez kukatsegulira tht, ntchito za mayor ng@ izi, stadium inali itayambika kale, malata subsidy anatinyenga poyamba ankati its for everybody thn anati for the poor only. If u didnt skip ur economics classes sibwenzi ukuipopa program imenei

  26. m’malawi ndi opepera ,iremember when the president was cleaning in lilongwe timatukwana kumpasa maina lero wa kutanzania wapanga zomwezo tikuyamikila.tingoyelekeza kunonso atangoti civil servant wina aliyense no allowance mumva anthu m’mene angatukwanire.thas hilarious .

  27. Same here, in Kenya. Magufuli is talked about everywhere. Exaggeration is the main thing… I think ppl should get a life!

  28. Thats nosence,Malawians always admire and support foreign industries than our domestical ones.Ask opposition in Tanzania,they do Malawi 24style by defying the president to accomodate the opposition.

  29. Kkkkk Mr editor. Life is very short and it is good to praise while it lasts. Look around,some were praised to the sky only 18 months ago. Do they enjoy the same praises? Check what the Tanzanian has done so far if they are not worth the praise heaped on him. Cant see anything wrong. It is said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

  30. Malawi24 what’s this? maybe you have received a credit from our Politicians for this Post?its only Bisnowaty who can do what John Magufuli is doing

  31. The guy understands the challenges his country is facing… He cant celebrate while pipo are suffering.

  32. its not only Malawian dear editor but he is also praised even in international media like BBC itself. really supposed to be compared with many unproductive selfish leaders of Africa!!

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