Malawian men condemned for reluctance to disclose HIV status

HIV test

HIV testThe Malawi Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (Manet+) has described men’s reluctance to disclose their HIV status as a form of gender based violence.

The organization also says men do not disclose their status due to their superiority in the family. According to MANET+ programme officer, George Kampango, most men living with the virus are involved in this form of gender based violence.

“A lot of men do not disclose their HIV status to their spouses as such they keep on sleeping with them thereby infecting them deliberately which is violence to the women,” he said.

As one way of dealing with the situation, the organisation has vowed to continue advocating to both men and women to reduce such cases.

Kampango added that they will continue looking forward to the HIV bill to become law so as to make advocacy easy.



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