CEAR assures Malawians of non-stop service

Malawi train

As the rainy season has commenced, the Central East African Railways (CEAR) has assured Malawians that there will be no suspension of its trains due to heavy rains.

Earlier this year, Malawi experienced heavy rains which claimed lives, destroyed houses and made some roads impassable.

Railway lines were not left out as the rains washed away Nansadi bridge making CEAR to suspend its Limbe-Makhanga train service where the line passes.

As CEAR is the only operator of railway transport service in Malawi which provides bedrock for national economic development through provision of a reliable and cheaper trade route for the landlocked Malawi, the company promises to deliver to its customers without delays.

Malawi train
Trains will still move-CEAR.

Speaking to Malawi 24, CEAR Communications Officer Chisomo Mwamadi said the company is prepared in this rainy season as it has repaired some bridges along its lines.

“By the end of November we had finalised on the preparations for the rainy season where we were repairing some bridges along our lines, putting new culverts in some areas,” said Mwamadi.

Mwamadi further said that CEAR has replaced worn out fittings working on the drainage system along the lines among others.

He assured Malawians that CEAR will make sure that it continues to serve Malawians and the company is sure that there will not be a repeat of what happened in the last rainy season.



  1. gud news with economic hardships we r passing their means of transport can save Malawians bcoz is cheaper than road transport

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