12 years IHL for defiling step-daughter


The Blantyre senior resident magistrate court has sentenced a 27 year-old Malawian man to 12 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling his step-daughter.

The convict, Harry Saukira Sambakudwe, defiled his 13 year-old step-daughter when her mother went to visit her relations in her home village in Chiradzulu district.

CourtSpeaking to Malawi24, Blantyre Police spokesperson Elizabeth Divala said a medical report revealed that the daughter was pregnant.

“In June, the mother went home in Chiradzulu, after months when she returned she noted that the daughter was pregnant,” said Divala. Divala further said the convict confirmed that he was responsible for the pregnancy.

“The father told the court that he has been in marriage for two solid years without a child with the wife then he opted for the daughter,” said Divala.

Sambakudwe hails from Kakhumba village, Traditional Authority Bvumbwe in Thyolo district.



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