Government to start punishing irresponsible parents-Patricia Kaliati

Patricia Kaliati

The Malawi government through ministry of gender, disability, children, and social welfare says it will soon deal with all irresponsible parents who are deliberately training their children to be professional street kids.

The remarks were made by the minister responsible Patricia Kaliati on Thursday during this year’s commemoration of International day of people with disability held at Chibavi primary school ground in Mzuzu.

She maintained that her ministry has learnt with great concern at the increase in number of street kids in the country despite government’s efforts to eradicate the practice.

“We will try to give them back their children for them to take good care of them. Those who will not comply will be arrested and my ministry will see to it that they are severely punished for subjecting children to such practice of street begging and hustling,” she said.

She added that government is strategizing on coming up with solutions on how best it can help street kids who have nowhere to go.

“We are strategizing on coming up with a place where such children can be raised to be good children and not street hustlers,” she added. In all four major cities of the country, street kids are still a common sight. Some are carry out various businesses while others are just thieves who jostle and disturb people in town. Some quarters have since attributed the problem to poverty which most of the street kids are subjected to in their homes. At the function, Kaliati also said that her ministry will discipline people who are fond of abusing the disabled. She said it hurts her to hear that some Malawians are maltreating people with albinism for satanic purposes. “Once such people are caught, they will face the full arm of the law. Because it is inhuman to be abusing people with disabilities, they are people like every normal person, they can do everything. Disability is not inability.

“Some lock up their children with disabilities in Kholas. That’s not good, instead they must be taking such children to school because they too have right to education,” she said.

The function which was hosted by MACOHA saw people with various disabilities showcasing different skills.



  1. ndi anzeru anthuwa muzaone akapita ku parliament potuluka aliyense zishango 6 usiku onse akunyengana mmamawa akukasaina allowance are you sure mitu yawo ingamagwire ntchito nanji chisilu wavala mikanda mukhosiiyi wakwankandoyi

  2. Kaliati ur a failure and a stupid woman,,,first deal with ur irresponsible behaviour then da irresponsible behaviour of ur fellow rulers…. go to hell wth your doublestandard mindset

  3. Punishing to raise money for them,why just reduce school fees for everybody God is watching you,you seem as God fearing but not at all very very very very far.

  4. Anthunu mwatibowa kale tili chete ife ndeno pano mukutiyamba muyaka utsi muno mukapitiliza ndi ma bill anu awitsilu yambani kaye bill ya access to information osati mbwerera zanuzo

  5. Boma longokhala mbuzi za anthu bas failing to run the country but umbava/kupyangira,how can person reports to police, unachievement of ur parents,who can look after you then?kuganiza mopenga bas,taxingotiberan its ur tym koma muxitiuxa xopenga ife…..loading 4 another coment

  6. Instead of pouncing on the president for failing to acomplish his promises and dealing with insecurity in this country,think about it.

  7. That’s good idea to do so madam minister but think of the factors that derive things to be like this, let me start with your carelessness of ministry on women in general; there are freedoms that infringe other freedoms in the name of rights. you allow women to move on roads while undress to seduce men in the name of rights and what follows those seduced sleep together and we see children born without proper care. think of that issue of a woman in ntchisi who left her 5 children all of different fathers irresponsibly. For your information some of the problems which irks us today we have created them so that other European countries should give us money to destroy our country in the name of rights. So madam there is nothing to worry this is what you sew lets harvest and appreciate our yields. Am not happy too as parent but your ministry is reckless in various grounds.

  8. While I totally condemn the practice, I wished the responsible ministry did a thorough analysis of the matter. What the honorable Minister sees is a serious indication of failure to harmonise socioeconomic policies to improve people’s lives.

  9. Only irresponsible ministers like her can say these stupid things.Dziko lawanyera kuyendetsa mpaka apenga nalo anthuwa kaya amayesa chani..?

  10. Vuto boma la anthu openga inu ndilimenelo mukat irresponsible parents ndie kt Chan ? Inuyo ndi amene mukuenera kulandira punishment cos anthu ncito simukuwapasa,fees mma school mwakweza ,zipatala mukufuna muzilipilisa .kod ndie kt anzanu akamavutika inu zimakusangasani??? People are struggling to fetch basic needs for their children but your still oppresse them . Please revisit your brain b4 u Air out .i hate this government fakenshit.!!••>>>|

  11. Most irresponsible parents are angry kkkkkkkkkk. The long arm of the law will catch and punish you so you don’t just bear kids koma popanda care. Through this ministry Government is very right. It happens in other countries.

  12. kkkkk, komadi yeee, mister of escom. zoti anthu akungoyendela yawo sakudziwa??? zoti kuli ulamulilo kumalawi anaiwala kalekale. bola kulemekeza wakumwambayo anatipatsa zochuluka za ulele. zogwadila zolengedwazi ai. Ndi Mulungu yekha amapanga njila popanda njila.

  13. The problem of hiring illiterate cabinet ministers. It seems Kaliati talks without even consulting the constitution of Malawi. She just makes noise to attract public attention. My yardstick that our education standards have gone down is Patricia Kaliati.

  14. Thats true, this dpp government is too much. In short, should we say that only rich pple will manage to educate their children?

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