Primary School Teacher rapes a standard three pupil in Mzimba


Malawi police in Mzimba have arrested a teacher identified as 47 year-old Evans Chikowi on charges of defiling an 11 year-old standard 3 learner at Lubaha primary school.

Confirming the incident, police publicist for the district, constable Kanjauso, said the teacher asked the girl to help him take some books to his office.

The girl obeyed but before she got out of the office, the teacher vigorously stripped off her clothes and began forcing himself on her.

crime (2)In the midst of the act, some pupils noticed and reported the issue to the head teacher who found him easing his libido on the little girl.

The head teacher reported the matter to police who later nabbed the libidinous teacher.

“The girl confessed that his teacher coaxed her with some sweets and money,” said Kanjauso.

Medical examinations at Mzimba district hospital confirmed that the girl had indeed been defiled. Meanwhile the teacher remains in the cooler waiting to be prosecuted on charges of defilement which is contrary to section 138 of penal code.

The maximum penalty for the offence is life imprisonment. This is happening at a time this publication is awash with related cases.



  1. Achewa sizotukwana mutundu eti mukapitiliza ndikupangani ban ndinthu take care simutumbuka ameneyu ndi munkhonde munavapo chikowe mutumbuka ndinu zisilu eti

  2. A blv ur page nw always posts wrong information,,what is rape by the way??tamafusani oziziwa musanalembe plz,,,rape siichitika kwamwana tikuti,,,koma adult.mwana timati defilement osati rape,,,next time to differenciate between rape n defilement,,,mukhoza kumangoluzisa milandutu inu.shud be the last time to see u writing to achild below the age of 18,,,,,

  3. Mwatibalalitsa mukuti Chikwawa? kapena Mzimba chifukwa Ku Chikwawa kulibe angapange Nzopusazi komaso Atsikanawa akumawaputa dala Azibambowa nanga angatani koma kuwa Nkutha nacho Chikoti kkkkkk

  4. He destroyed that girls future thats one of things that contribute to girls school drop out n doing prostitution .some teachers take advantage of students . A teacher is suppose to build good future for these students not destroying them. Too bad

  5. Whats that? Sometimes you social media journalist,make sure you put here 100% true and analysis story.11 YRS in std 3? There is some hidden part of this story.Now lets see a 47 yrs old man raping a 11yrs old girl,what a balance? A teacher? How many times this teacher being found doing this malpractise?

  6. if I was judge pamugamula member yu nakachita masamu akaphatikiza kupeza zaka zomwe zoba atakasebeze jail iye zaka 47 mwana 11 =58 YRS IN JAIL WITH HARD LABOUR mbewa