Patricia Kaliati slams Malawian banks

Malawi Patricia Kaliati

Minister of gender, children, disability and social welfare, Patricia Kaliati, has warned banks in the country that government will seal banks whose buildings are not disability friendly.

The minister made the remarks in Mzuzu during this year’s International Day of People with Disability commemorations.

Kaliati said it is high time the rights of people with disability were respected.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati; Has talked tough.

She said her ministry is concerned that most structures in the country are not easily accessed by people with disability.

The minister then gave Mzuzu First Merchant Bank one week to upgrade its structures so that they accommodate people with disability or risk being sealed.

Speaking at the same function, Freza Chunga, Mzuzu city council deputy mayor, said the council will ensure that all its programs incorporate disability issues and that buildings in the city meet disability standards.

On his part, chief director in the ministry of transport and public worksm, Dickson Chunga, said government has put in place policies to promote the construction of buildings and   transport facilities that are accessible by all.

He said: ‘‘the government should speed up the national mainstreaming strategy to enable issues of disabled to be included in all programs.”



  1. Mmalo molongosola boma akulimbana ndi ma bank aaaaa nxa…agalu awa!!kuzipenta choncho siuhule uwu??

  2. I don’t think Mr kaliyati would have gone for her guys in her make up deviancy!! Kkkkkkkkkkk too much my minister!!! @—- is this African?????? Hahahahaha

  3. like really?Takonzani kaye ma buldings abomawa,,,,tawasiyeni ma bank wa!bankng system is nun of ur busines,,,be more concerned wth Hospitals ,,,kuli umve wazaoneni,,takonzani kaye kumeneko,,ma bank wa pambuyo!

  4. Bambo kaliati banja lakolo amakhalira kupirila. Ndi hule iwe , tabwera undigulitseko thupi lakolo nteleshede ndikupasa ndiwosayamba , muntu wa masimba wena uthanda zindaba,

  5. Hon Kaliat seal the Ministry of physical planning and urban dev and the city or District councils first bcoz before these structures are built the plans are presented to that ministry and the concerned regulatory offices to check compliance and ratification, upon approval they start building. Your ranting is a product of an uninformed minister. You have mediocres in your regulatory offices and you want to punish others who have done their part. Improve your services as govt osamangotokota apa!

  6. Madam Kaliati, whilst I agree with your sentiments, it is not only banks that you should be targeting. There are other institutions like water boards, ESCOM, shops, even government offices such as the Road Traffic Directorate, Immigration Offices or even parliament buildings in Lilongwe, which serve a lot of people including the disabled, are not built to accommodate such disadvantaged groups. My view is that your wrath to pick out banks only is misplaced. It is a good point, but it should be directed at all institutions and not just banks. Good observation though….

    1. U Lied On Parliament Deputy Speaker Chiwaya Amayenda Bwa? That Facility Is There

  7. AMalawi ena chizungu chimativuta eti? The report doesn’t say “destroy” or pull down. It says “seal”. She is fighting for the disabled as per her ministerial call. Most government buildings (tikutitu “most”) are disability-friendly. Where there is need for improvement, let it be brought to the attention of the right authorities.

  8. I think she has an idea but she is totally wrong and ignorant to say that she would seal them….thers no logic whatsoever in the later statement.

  9. ma building ena a boma mukonzeso mmene imaonekela lilongwe town hall ija zochitisa manyazi bwanji pakati pa town ngat pamene paja osangogwesa bwanji mkumanga town hall yabwino

    1. They Must Put Chairs For Everyone To Sit, They Must Allow Customers To Answer Calls Bcoz We Spend About 2hrs In The Bank. I Second Ur Motion Of Toilet As Wel. Kkkk…

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