Malawian woman torched to ashes on witchcraft claims

Fire Malawi

An angry mob in Phalombe district has killed a woman by throwing her into fire on suspicion that she had a hand in the death of a 28 year-old man.

Phalombe Police public relations officer, Augustus Nkhwazi, identified the woman as 28 year-old Ides Malikebu and the man as Overton poison, also 28.   

“The first deceased (Poison) is said to have gone missing from home on 1st December, 2015 and believed to have been in love affair with the second deceased (Malikebu),” said Nkhwazi.

According to Nkhwazi, Poison met with another man who was also in a relationship with Malikebu only to be found dead three days later and in a decomposed state behind her house in Maliro village on Thursday.

Fire Malawi
On fire (Google images).

This did not go down well with relatives of Poison who grabbed Idesi Malikebu, demolished her house, set it on fire, threw her into the burning furnace and watched her struggle to death.

When police officers arrived at the scene of the incident, they found Malikebu burning to ashes while the body of Poison lay just behind the burning house, half buried in the soil but in a decomposed state.

“The other man who is only known as Mankhanamba vanished to an undisclosed destination,” said Nkhwazi.

The police then established that Malikebu was on a high court bail for the offence of murder which occurred in the year 2012.

Malikebu hailed from Maliro village, Traditional Authority Jenala in Phalombe while Poison hailed from Mwango village, T/A Jenala in the same district.



  1. Koma atolankhani a M24 muli ku ma attachments kapena kumeneko? I mean, The Title and the story doesn’t match. Komanso umfiti uli pati pamenepa?


  3. opha mzake aphedwe. akapezeka phani kkkk . abisala nthawi yaitali , boma linalamula kale kt tingopangapo plan yathu km osanena munthu kt ndi fiti. well done mobe yokwiya. keep on.

  4. pakuti tonse tinachimwe ndikuperewedwa kukafika mu ufumu wa mulungu.yesu sanadza padziko lapasi kudzapulumuza olungama koma kubweza ochimwa .kuweluza sikuli kwathu koma kwa mwini mulengi

  5. aMalawi24′; is this not the same story that we read elsewhere on social media kuti mzimai’ yu waotchedwa ndi angry mob after allegedly conspiring wth a boyfriend to kill another guy also suspected to be her boyfriend? Plz give us nkhani zothyakuka… i beg!

  6. Regardless of what else is involved burning some alive is wrong on so many levels. If your gonna kill someone at least make it quick. Witches wizards etc are stuff of the stone age. Don’t kill people because they are a “witch”

  7. Apa nde ztsiru zija zmati ufiti kulibe muti chani apa?

  8. Witchcraft laws date t 1911 but it is th Satanic organisation tht is PROMOTING witchcraft masquerading as protectng th rights of old pple.Ufit is taking root & I hope A.S.H must b a happy entity tht its mission is being ACHIEVED.Unfortunately,we seem t hv a lot of witches & wizards in govt tht they cant COUNTER th witchcraft promotor A.S.H claims.Malawians let us als revenge by BURNING,BEATING & HACKING witches & wizards whether t death or whteva.

  9. Malawi 24 musanamize fanz. I was there and the truth of the matter is that the woman is believed to have physicaly assaulted and killed her boyf which irritated the angry mob and pounced on her

  10. its high time malawi government should stop saying that whitchcraft doesnt exist,these angry people do this becoz they know tha even police wont help them with these issues,I guess burning is the only solution,from the people to witches and wislzards.

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