Malawi Parliament is useless – MCP MP

Malawi Parliament Peter Mutharika

…Parliament is full of dead people

Opposition Malawi Congress Party Member of Parliament for Dedza East Juliana Lunguzi has described the Malawi Parliament for which she is a member as a hopeless place that cannot help Malawians out of their poverty.

In a post she made on Facebook, the arguably best MP of this crop lamented that her time in the house has made her realise the reasons why the country is poor.

Malawi Parliament Peter Mutharika
Lunguzi: Parliament is full of dead people

“Malawi Parliament. The more I stay in this house, the more I get reasons why Malawi remains poor. Bad news (to all Malawians) is that this house won’t bail you out,” posted Lunguzi at a time when proceedings were ongoing in the house.

Her remarks have come at a time that Malawians are agitating for a reduction of Parliamentarians arguing that they are a waste of resources.

Meanwhile Lunguzi’s comments on the composition of the August house were met with support from a good number of Malawians who expressed that it was the same way that they felt about the August house.

“Life is tough in Malawi. The house is full of dead people. 10% of MPs are the ones with normal brains. The rest deserve to go to the mental hospital,” wrote a Chim Banda to validate the remarks made by Lunguzi.

Parliament adjourned on Friday 4 December after meeting for a month.



  1. lunguzi is an “outsider”…this is her first term in parliament.She is not career politician going to parliament to pocket allowances….passing bills /budgets they cant read/comprehend because they are too dull

  2. wat if we all decided not 2 vote…now that wud b sumthin,probably the only tym democracy/this voting thing wud actualy work,coz how wud they cheat….

  3. she nvr pointd 2 not b one of the dead “meaning the have no effect” as is xpectd of them,i commend her 4 being brave & putting it out there,she has done her part by representn us in xpozn wats wat n house…now its up 2 us…we suspect,but our speculation is not credible,she’s 4 inside…wel who better 2 give us the 411(information).

  4. how cud we put 1 suspctd of treason,of illigal purchase of supozdly “public” houses-on the executive top seat…evrything about our current gov.t is rotten,we nid 2 start now,coz if we start l8r thingz wil b evn hardr 2 fix…evrythin that happenz n parliament ryt now i suspect wud go how the ruling party lyks…this is contraly 2 democracy which o 4 the pple & shud b o about the pple 2…

  5. aMalawi tinayamba ndikale kuwauza ma MP zimenezi, kodi azindikira liti?…..its not the set up of transactions in the house but the political mentality in their heads that is useless, they r bzy politicking in parliament kufuna kuzitchukitsa ndikutchukitsa zipani zao mmalo mokakamira ma agenda othandiza dziko with a sober mentality…pliz amathu stop being careless poyankhula zinthu, kapenanso tinene kuti mwayankhula zimenezi kuti muoneke odziwa, mumveke patali,….in the recent past we had sober minded pple in that u call a useless Parliament, eg Hon. RTC Mnyenyembe(MHSRIEP), Hon. L. Chimango, and many more…thru that same parliament they positively contributed to the progress of this country, and they lost nothing, they r still being respected in all circles of the society up to now, koma nanga generation yanu tidzaikumbukira ndi chani?…maybe sarcasim, mwano, matama, tukumutukumu (pretending to know it all), kuzikwezera ma salary, ma house allowance odabwitsa komanso mapwevupwevu ndi tiana ta ku Bambino …munasankhidwa ndi mavoti a azigogo athu ndi anthu ovutika kumudzi palibe chifukwa chokuopani or kukunyengererani muyenera kuuzidwa zoona, u r our servants!!!… The Malawi Parliamentary setup is OK but its the mentality of this generation of hounarables…talowa mu Parliament ndi ma personal n party needs (both gafment & opposition) ochuluka ndiye its defeating ntchito imene adakutumani anthu kumudzi…MAKING/PUSHING 4WARD POLICIES THAT CAN DEVELOP THIS COUNTRY.

  6. Juliana Just Concetrete On Development In Constituency ,hule Iwe Panyini Pako,why Can Call Your Fellow Mps Dead Pple? You Are Disgrace To The Whole Nation.

  7. Yes she is ryt I do agree with her Malawi pariamentarians are ghosts bkoz they are there 2 help No one bt cluping hands 4 peter 4 jst sitting and scrutching his butts in tha palace, they are all Faggots

  8. A Lunguzi musatinamizepo apa ngati inuyo ndiye oganizira kwambiri anthu. Kungokupasani unduna apa mukhala zii. Kunali anzanu a Nancy Tembo kunja kuno. Lero ndi a Commissioner ku MEC anakhala pansi.

    1. Iwe Lunguzi if you are any different bwanji how come you posted that comment while your friends were busy participating in debates. You are always on whatsapp online while your friends are busy. You too are lazy busy with social media online instead of working . nonsense

  9. dont know why this crooks are called honourables…coz there is no honour in them after alot of these bastards are mentally trashed..what they kno is to f**k young girls.

  10. Zoona Mayi Lunguzi. Ndiye mbuzi zina zomwe zinavotera anthu zili busy attacking what she has said akuti sanayankhule bwino chani chani..instead of picking out the positive things amayamba kusutsa..she is saying this coz ma mps enawo safuna kumpanga support the only support is from the outside.. tiyeni tiwakakhe ma mp anthu azipanga zomwe tikufuna anthufe osati zawo zokha

  11. Is a court of kangaroos , bunch of useless, brainless, merciless, unprofessional workers, ignorance what more can I say.
    Wake up /rise up

  12. Big up woman! u r always on ur feet but the support from other MPs is not overwhelming. Yet never give up. The issue of hiking fees is a concern for all poor malawians in every constituency however some MPs are downplaying the issue on political aggrandisement.

  13. I am buying her opinion and she shud also be reminded that parliament had been the way she has described it now way before even before she became part of that “dead” house

  14. people like Davie Chisiza 1 of the contributors on this article is a very good example of waste resources to our economy and a moron who seems to ‘ve bn bought up in the Bush!

  15. Malawi Parliament has never impressed simce indipendemce but calling ur felloe MPs dead is out of order. ur not the most intelligent on the house,others are doing well in there constituemces but ur there waiting for government to deliver in ur constituency. One day u said ur constituency do not want malata and cement subsidy. something is wrong with u. Think positive befote u speak otherwise u will look stupid

  16. Useless honourable mps true amangoziwunjikila wokha..nothing thiese honourables to deliver ena mma constituency mwawo anasamuka kalekale atikuthawa omwe anawavotela..zomvetsa chisoni..she iz right..nothing will be fruitfull..coz others jst oppose for the sake of opposng…ife as malawians and all the rights we have should be followed and be done…koma makapewa mparliament akungomwako tea,nsima..etc…

  17. I wanna encourage our opposition mps to speak their minds and make theirself heard don’t just sit phwi just waiting for allowances.

  18. But why Malawi even namandwa amene mmmmmm zovetsa chisoni kwabasi kuchedyela masuku pamutu pa mbuli zachi Malawi shame on you guyz

  19. To date there is no malawian person qualified to lead malawi . They only become leaders for cash gate + getting rich reasons . So its better that all those who r leaders should ask the government to just give them some money then they should go!!!! Bcoz they r just spoiling our country..

  20. I totally agree! 100% If MSCE continues to be the MINIMUM academic qualification for one to stand for the position. If MPs continue getting fuel allowances from their home districts and constituencies even when you know they resident in Lilongwe. If they still find it comfortable having Political Parties without any guide on FUNDING. If what the Political Parties’ gurus want to hear is what most MPs say in the House.

  21. The first MP to confess they are robbing poor innocent Malawians of their tax money. I think when we go to vote we choose these good robbers to impoverish us. I will never partcipate in the voting again.

  22. The expections of a local malawian voter like me is that my mps wil deriver as my expections juliana too, as a patriotic malawian i wonder if this is how they suppose to, voter apathy has started telling us we stoped trusted our mps,if u hv one u r better,however not 90 percentage,juliana thought things wil change and yet not,the use of matopher has nothing to do with me and other malawians of goodwil the question is what is the point to discuss? i love malawi and we will never have another malawi.

  23. juliana, chilichonse wafotokoza n’dagwirizana nacho usanachitulutse pa kamwa, chirim’maganizo ako, 100% true, kumangowonongadi misonkho, after some years azipempha ati aganiziridwe pension pa 14, 4getting ma million akuseweretsa lerowa, pamene civil servant akulephera kumuganizira. andale athu, malo ongodzikundikirirapo chuma chothera kwa mahule, kachasu ndi weed, mxxieeeeeeeeeeeeww!!! The Ultimate Peaciful Man, Ineyo!

  24. Implied she is useless. She cannot be a white ship among the black. Instead of changing things she expects others to

  25. a month in parliament but nothing tangible just robe our tax money useless parliamentarians.Thunder the Lightening will strick you all

  26. You Lunguzi if I request that you refund back the alowances you got from the house which is useless will you in your capacity as someone who is not happy and why post on face book instead of speaking right in the house mumaopana or what coz winanso wa MCP wrote on face book,you have the right to speak unlike me. ok looking forward for more constructive from ye.

  27. I like this ma mp akumalawi akangosankhidwa amagulidwa ndi boma mmalo mopeleka mfundo zothandiza anthu amangoomba mmanja zilizonse. Zimene aboma anena…ndiakufadi.

  28. She s right malawi doesnt want malata subsidy now,mayb 10 yrs to com but more in production,she said it in there but til now atupele and others say no!and now milions hav gon out at state house what do they say?

  29. I think we need to make some reforms in that house, anthu ambili ndi nkhalamba in that house, 90% aged MPs

  30. koma wanenazo ndizoona zitsilu zachulukadi muno tikumangotha ndalama zaboma kumachedwesa dala zokambilana cholinga tikhale tikukambilana kwamasiku ochuluka bax kut tikamaliza mochedwa tipeza ndalama zambili

  31. As some people always say “a malawian is not worthy fighting for, zimakutsalira and kukutembenukira”. There you are Juliana, lead the comments here

  32. You the Malawi 24 why are you extracting a facebook comment and use it as a gospel truth, do you agree to the authenticity of the comment she made? was he genuine juliana Lunguzi? why can’t you go directly to her to clarify what she has posted? you just extracted it and take it as a gospel truth, without taking into account that her utterances might be manipulated, by unscrupulous facebookers.

    1. She is telling us what she has observed as an insider. Unfortunately she can’t change everything on her own, however many will follow if they feel the same and its good that she has exposed the rot. bravo!!!

  33. Im totaly agree with her ,if our country have 3 or 4 good leader s with vision i blv we could be one of well developed country,keep it up Juliana

  34. How can you expect to make any progress if you’re calling it a dead place? Anyway….I still like her forcefullness though.

  35. A bird that flies so fast passes its nest.Thats my piece of advice to Juliana Lunguzi.She should resign to set a good example & as a confirmation to her statement & as way of showing the seriousness of her claims.Otherwise we will consider her statement as political trying to gain favours from Malawians,some sort of underground campaign,because this insult does not exclude her party president Lazarus Chakwera Leader of opposition in the August House,he too is a corpse,Lunguzi says so.She should be disciplined,this is too much & beyond the boundary line.

  36. #Lunguzi ulemu ndiwofunika wayamba liti ndale iwe? Zoona mp onse ndi mitembo? Nanga iweyo uli mbali iti poti akuti ndiwe mp? Kapena ndiwe mzukwa? Dziwa izi, muli ma mp ena anzeru zakuya kuposa iweyo. Ngati ukufuna kutchuka ai wasankha njila yolakwika, kunali anthu otchuka kumeneko akati “NO ndi NO” Sec 65 #1, budget#2. Samala pakamwa and ngati umunthu ulinawo upepese kwa mp okufawo. Shame

    1. Iweo ukuzuzulawe ndiye mbuzi yamano kusi abel.mayi lunguzi ndi mp ndiye aona kuti zikuchitika kumeneko sizomwe amalawi amafuna in as far as parliament is concern aona komanso ava chisoni ndichifukwa atulusa chakukhosi kuti mwina zomwe zikuchitikazo asinthe ndikuyamba kuganizira amalawi osati kumangomwa tea, kuphuzira kukangana, wrestling ndizina zosakhala bwino.poyenera kuzuzula pazuzulidwe basi.sono iwe palibe ukuziwa cha mnyumbayi basi bizy apepese.shame very shame on you

    2. #Abel nzeru ulibe, don’t u kno Moses had to be raised by Pharao only to realise the evil deeds comitted by his master? It doesn’t mean th@ coz she is a member of parliament asanene chimene akuona. Anthuwadi are #Movingdeads, derseves nothing but hell, they don’t mind kuti anawayika pampandopo ndi m’mphawi wakumudzi akumudyera masuku pamutuyo. Moyo umenewu kudzakhala kovuta Malawi kutukuka.

    3. She might be right but her reasoning has been ill timed she is in parliament to make things work by being there she cannot live in isolation becoz they are for one purpose there:making workable laws so if things get worse she is also part of the formula mind u she cannot convice us that she can find solution to a problem when she is trying not to be part of the problem to me she is also part of the 10% of the mps with abnormal reasoning what has she offered to malawians in parliament if its not the same contributions as her predecessors? They have all failed us malawians no policy of isolation

    4. another reason why Malawi is still underdeveloped. Umbuli ngati womwe mwaonesa apawu. Shortsightedness in thinking and acting. U have interpreted her words in a way she wasn’t expecting u to effectively backing the dull MPs. Education is really important, How can one interpret this in a literal way?

  37. Julina Is Very Stupid! She Wants To Revenge The Death Of Her Father That Is Why She Too Talkative In The House For Nothing,she Does Not Even Know What Killed Her Father,her Father Was Killed Because Of Internal Leadership Problems Within Mcp

    1. This is a wake up call both to the nation and parliamentarians theselves to pull our socks. It needs someone brave to speak out weaknesses.

    2. since time immemorial Malawian Parliament has never impressed for discussing and passing tangible policies let alone pocketing huge allowances.

    3. But if she resigns then there is no way she can change anything. In Malawi u can only change if u r inside, like the way Bingu did with Atcheya.

    4. Bingu dished UDF to effect the desired change by resigning she will give a clear message than calling parliament full of dead people (which I think include Dr. Chakwera abwana ake)

  38. I agree with Lunguzi,it is not only in the August house where ppl are dead,even the ordinary citizens outside the house. Can you imagine,the state house over spending K 500million in 3months while ppl are dying in hospitals due to lack of drugs. We can’t take any action,instead some clap hands for gvt.

  39. Juliana Lunguzi You Are Very Stupid! You Think You Are The Only Wise Person In The House,let Me Tell You ,because Your Died Misteriously So You Have Negagative Attitudes Towards Other People,you Dont Have Any Positive Impact In The House,panyini Pako!

    1. Ndibwino kukhala chete ngati mwasowa cholankhu. Kusiyana ndinyasi zomwe walembazi, muzilimbana wanu mphungu osati wa ife. Kutukwanako wanosonyeza kuti mwa iwe umunthu ulibe.

  40. thumbs up to her. She is saying the truth. if it is not castigating one another then its injuction, if not that then its something else among themselves. at this point in time there is nothing we can point that the Members have made a positive move. Instead of all members find ways or solutions to our problems, they are busy making noise that makes the speaker to end the parliament sessions. eeeesh, can live pipo do this?

  41. As long as I agree with you Lunguzi I on the other hand take it as an insult to Malawians coz I’ve come to understand that most of you pple talk sense when you’re outside gvt but when given chance its the same nonsense as yr colleagues

  42. I agree with u… kodi simungakambiraneko chichewa kuti anthu azazimvere okha zopusa zomwe mumakambiranazo chingelezi mumanama kwabasi

  43. By saying they are dead what does she mean anyway. If she is seeing that the fellow MPs are dead why saying that outside parliament… I advise to dare saying that in parliament so that we should see how live or dead the fellow MPs are. By embarrassing the fellow MPs outside the house by castigating the legislature where she herself belongs cannot change anything at all. She could have used better words than the word ‘dead…..’ This is Malawi and not UK. Respect is golden…. I agree things are not working in there but she could have used other better words.

    1. Alex get my point right….. Whether it is about using a metaphor… still u choose a suitable one and not a provocative one…. She is one of the youngest MPs in the house( just by the look) and I believe by using a better metaphor, if so wished, than this one could have been better. By living in UK for sometime does not mean that the respect we have for other people should go. I am a Malawian and I find this metapher as being unneccessary . Things cannot change by embarrassing each other but rather helping one onother . What she is forgetting is she cannot be d whole legislature alone. If she knows she is capable she is supposed to help the other MPs right in house. lo

    2. I don’t think Lunguzi is wrong. Alot of pple have been advising the house to work 4 the betterment of the country,but that lands in holeless ears. They r there to get rich. Just imagine those so called MP’s dump their original parties, they pass useless laws, sleeps with young girls, are they not dead?

    3. Noto do u blv by castigating outside the house will make things work??? What I blv in is that for sake of correcting things you cant bring in provocative sentiments…. Noto remember….. two wrongs cannot make a right…..

    4. She live in USA and personally know the family better.They were living in 47 Sector 2 maphunzirowa sikuti anali a gas zero koma kuphunzirira ma cashgate anthawi imeneyo.

    5. Vitu n Matke thanx for correcting me….. she lived in USA. Chicco as for u a mere person as myself (not part of the legislature), u can say that again and again but the degree af annoyance the MPs can get from you cannot be at par or surpass that from a fellow MP… Even in an organisation where there are a number of directors, even where one of them feel or take themselves to be more capable than the rest can not just burst outside their circles castigating. Once you see at happening be assured he or she is to create a big mess which may lead to a downfall of the whole organisation. I have been following all the deliberations in the just ended cession, she did not say this right there bu ….

    6. Ed read my point between the lines…. Follow my comments very well…. I know she is putting herself in the 10% but what am saying is much as we know she is one of the most vibrant contributors in the house, still she could have found better words to address to the fellow MPs who she feels are not doing their job in the house..

    7. Ed read my point between the lines…. Follow my comments very well…. I know she is putting herself in the 10% but what am saying is much as we know she is one of the most vibrant contributors in the house, still she could have found better words to address to the fellow MPs who she feels are not doing their job in the house..

    1. Dont cheat us In Zambia ts worse cos you have atleast some mines as an economic buster you mean the likes of Chinshimba, Siliya and some few are hard working???? Dont say much of it please use proper terms that can be defendable Zambia is not a paradise as it used to be when King Cobra was there and you know it if not ask those who follow Zambia critically……

    2. Zambia Z Worse Than Mw.May U Dont Follow Where Zed Z Going Economicaly.Ask Edgar Lungu About Wat China Has Done With Ur Copper And Ur Money.If Mr President Say We Shoult Pray Tn God To Stable Yovr Mney Where R Hard Working Mpz?.My Friend Iam Leaving Along Our Boarder My Relatives R N Zed Chama,muyombe Copperbelt Kabwe Mygrandmum Nyamughogho Muyombe Royal Family.

  44. To be frank n honest, DPP is still bringing Malawi to poor n poorer everyday. But u still find sm dead brains pple surpoting this party while they’re the ones crying with same poverty

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