Billions disappear at State House, Mutharika blames Kwacha

Peter Mutharika

…State House confirms public funds wasted on travel allowances

Government has blamed the inflation of the Malawi Kwacha as the reason behind the disappearance of billions at State House and two other ministries.

Official documents sourced by one local paper reveal that Presidential Residencies has used about 50% of its annual allocation within 3 month.

Peter Mutharika

However, Director of State Residences Peter Mukhitho, downplayed the profligacy or claims of  cashgate, saying instability of the Kwacha was responsible for the over-expenditure.

“What happened was that soon after the passing of the budget, the country experienced high inflation,” Mukhitho has been quoted as saying.

He also revealed that government doubled the travel allowances that people get, which in turn wasted of billions of public funds.

The report spreads further a grey cloud on the extravagance that has rocked the Peter Mutharika administration as Malawi continues to bask in a deep economic recession. Mutharika has come under fire for introducing austerity measures that commentators have said cripple the welfare of millions.

The amount is likely to rise with Mutharika increasingly globetrotting from one summit to another.

According to the Ministry of Finance report, the Malawi Defence Force and that of Lands and Housing also spent about 50% each of the respective annual budgetary allocations.



  1. Chipani cha mbava ichi, anayamba kuba ndi Bingu Peter angokwanitsa malemba. Analephela kugwila ntchito ali nduna mdala uyu!!! bola kumangotchona ndithu. MUSOVA!!!

  2. Poor thinking of Malawi scribes. They conclude, this is cashgate. Is it impossible for the state house to control its expenditure and be within the remaining 58%? I repeat, this isn’t cashgate, its just a normal expenditure and someone thinks this is an investigative journalist.

  3. Ngat boma likunamizira kugwa kwa kwacha nanga anthu wambafe titan? ngat boma likudandaula chonchi naņga aķumudzi aziti chani? no wonder ačhinyamata akuthawira mmaiko aķunja for green pasture

    1. Do you take the castigating seriously? The drama against JB started in 2910 when they began sidelining her. All along they have drummed up just to keep Malawians busy thinking how bad she is ,while they are the culprits. Why did Bingu suddenly think of APM as his successor? APM said because he wanted continuity.

    2. “Also” means alot here. Tell us more. Who else are big thieves since we are told all those arrested are small thieves? People like are gems. You know secrets. Tell us,madam

  4. Im in exile, far 4m home musayambe kulira abale anga amalawi.Pali anthu ena akumavutika chifukwa cha inu,awo,iwe, uyo. Anthu akanena kut ameneyo xangathe kulamulira dziko ndponso wosayekesa kuvotela #Atupele ndmuona okonda ndalama, when we deal abt politics sitimayang’ana komwe munthu akuchokera. Ndixabwela kumalawiko uyu pitala atachoka ngatixo angawine Atupele sindingabwele

  5. Another Cash Gate ……? This is now CASH FLOODS….K1.9 billion has already been paid last week by Reserve Bank to Paramount Group from Ames for the supply of old two helicopters but no delivery of helicopters…..abwana chepetsaniko chomde a Malawi tikuvutika

  6. Disappearing of those Undisclosed billions of Kwachas @ state house, really kicks my minds up of cat business in a sack on behalf of poor beloved Malawians Under Mthalikas’ rule.
    Treasury under Dept of Finance is to answer this Bold Question that,
    1. What motive led the money of the national Treasury to be found@ the state house?
    2. Does Mthalika Brothers administration Treasury under Dept. Of finance works at state House from Capital Hill?
    Ndata and Casablanca estates really has a talking hand on

  7. Coming far away from USA, to become a leader through vote rigging means alot to me sir.
    Those are fatal results.
    What legacy will Mthalika Brothers leave for

  8. Mukamanena za ma billions mumatinyasa coz onena ananena kale like Uk America and others and they says priz malawians do not vote for Peter and know look what is happning. Za chison tikuyenera kukolola zomwe tizala pa 20 may 2014 vuto la amalaw amafuna azione kaye

  9. In the economic crisis we are, i dont see the need for a president to have several residential house. Why cant we emulate our friends in america were they just have one residential house for the president yet their economy is the largest one in the world. Boma mwatikwezera zinthu mitengo yet ndife anthu osawuka komanso simunatikwezere malipiro malo moti u should be the one making sacrifices coz ur already rich. I think its high time President Peter start learning what his tanzanian Magafuli is doing in his country.

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