Student robs MK6.3 million at Mzuzu University


Malawi police in Mzuzu have nabbed a final year Biomedical student at Mzuzu University (Mzuni) on suspicions that he robbed MK6.3 million from the institution.

Police publicist for the city, Martin Bwanali, identified the suspect as Dumisani Kagunya who is also suspected to have entered the University using dubious ways.

MzuniAccording to Bwanali, in August last year authorities from the university reported to police that they were suspecting some students to be studying there illegally.

The police launched an investigation and found that about 12 students were indeed studying at the university without being selected by relevant selecting authorities.

“We traced their bank accounts and some documents they used to enroll at the institution. We sent our findings to the headquarters where authorities confirmed that the suspect was a false student at Mzuni. He managed to rob such an amount using dubious means,” said Bwanali.

Malawi24 understands that the other eleven false students are also being investigated by police and they may also follow their colleague in the cooler.

The suspect is expected to appear before court to answer charges of theft .

He hails from Traditional Authority Chikulamayembe in Rumphi district.



  1. This is a chain of people involved I believe fees is not paid to an individual but to college account, how was he accessing the cash without assistance of the inner hand?

  2. Genius guy i lyk dat sanabele mphawi wabela mabank omwe amabanso , mot muxilimbana ndi anthu amene amabela amphawi mukalimbana ndi mfana wageli yemwenso amapungula ndalama kubank , amabank amatibela nawonso bwanj osawanga . 1 day ndi xaononga pena pake n u should to shot me shit huh .

  3. Malawi 24 is a good source of news on Malawi and is probably the most current. But please remember to edit, re-read your stories before publishing them. Parts of some stories do not make sence. For instance in the current story, the paragraph which begins “We traced their bank accounts and some………”. The paragraph starts in prural, talking about more than one person but at the end it refers to one person. How the transition was made from more than one person to a single person is not clear. However, keep up the good work of keeping the news current.

    1. 1. it’s a quote so Malawi24 had no business altering what the source said.
      2. if you read the story you would understand why the source was making such transitions.

  4. Haha! what a genius. He has just shown how weak and porous our institutions are. Even ku capital hill money imangobedwa always.

  5. These people from the North started this malpractice some time immemorial. Someone (may his soul rip)got his degree in the same manner. Several other references are there.

    1. Hahaha. I feel sorry for your ignorant, hateful self. Too many fools like you around who think tribalism and stupidity can contribute anything to development. Even education cant cure that kind of stupidity….

    2. Tribalism. Baseless accusTions. Deep rooted stupidity. Ignorance that cant be cured even by education. How can Malawi develop with such idiots in the majority and in power???

  6. Do ur investigation properly, the one involved in the scandal z nt a nursing student mwamvaaa stop tarnishing the image of nursing

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