Stay away from match fixing, Sulom warns clubs


With 27 games to go before wrapping up the 2015 Super League season, rumors are circulating that some clubs are planning to fix their games in order to avoid relegation.

This has prompted the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) to speak against the malice.

Speaking to the local press, Sulom’s general secretary Williams Banda said if any club is found guilty of match fixing a severe punishment will follow.

“Match fixing is a very serious offence and we are warning clubs to stay away from this malpractice.@

Williams Banda

Banda: Warns of match fixing.

“We want the league to end without any problems and if any club is found guilty of match fixing, a severe punishment will follow. Club officials involved will be banned in football administration forever and the teams will also receive a stiff punishment if they get involved in the malice,” said Banda.

Much focus will be on the teams fighting relegation as the championship is already in the hands of Big Bullets who won the league with four games to play.

The season will end on 27 December with Bullets being crowned as champions at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe.



  1. A Sulom zomwe akunena ndizopanda nzeru coz ndi iwowo akulimbikitsa match fixing, zikutheka bwanji kut ma team onse aku Blantyre sanasewer ndi Fisd? Nde vuto ndi ndani pamenepa? Nosense

  2. Match fixing in Malawi has no penalty.
    FAM is many tings have happened bt nothing comes to book.poor refs.l remember promotion ya Sammy’s those days they beat cobbe 9 -2..a game they needed 9 goals it happened bt wat did FAM do? Nothing at o

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