Mutharika slams donors

Peter Mutharika Prince Andrew
Peter Mutharika Prince Andrew
Mutharika with the Duke of York in London

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has slammed the country’s donors under the Common Approach to Budget Support (CABS) for employing tactics that has alienated government to monitor their programmes.

Speaking in London while courting investors, Mutharika warned that should donors not resume aid, Malawi should as well forget about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that global leaders adopted recently as replacement for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Mutharika revealed that donors decision to withdrawal direct budgetary support because of the cashgate scandal that saw government and the then ruling People’s Party officials stealing over K24 billion of public funds has resulted in a barrier to effectively screen the impact of the support that donors are providing. Aid is now channeled through international organizations working in Malawi. Mutharika said this made it impossible to document actual strides that Malawi made on the MDGs in the past 2 years.

“One of the main challenges that my government faced when implementing the MDGs, which may also recur in the SDGs is that our cooperating partners stopped providing budget support following a pilferage of public funds in the previous administration. Donor support is now being provided outside the government budget making it difficult to monitor and evaluate the impact of these off budget programmes”.

Another audit analysis by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) with support from the German government established that K0.6 trillion (K553 billion) was uncounted for during the Joyce Banda administration. According to the Analysis, K17 billion was presumably misappropriated during the second term of Bingu wa Mutharika.



  1. I like the way things are pomenyelera ufulu anthu amaenera afepo ndithu chikhulupiliro chilipo kut zidzaenda tkudandaula chani alekeni ma donars akhale nazo zaozo tilibe nazo vuto better tdzitha kulamula dzikoli ngat a Malawi

  2. Mr president as of now you should know Malawians are adapting to no aid life. It is of great importance that you as our Malawi leader embrace the change and encourage Malawians to work SMART in order to improve our nation. This will be a great step towards full ownership of our nation were we are no-longer called power-lest, lazy people. It will be good to have our on strong voice on our nation. Look at the history of China they struggled but now they can stand for themselves and not allow outside people to rule there way. If your a true Malawian make this nation one family where what happens inside the family stays inside and no outsider rules the inside of the family. Aid is good but that is one strong reason we have not developed that much since independence, it makes us lazy. In the long term we bow down to the donors at every word they say making it look like a command. This nation has people in almost every profession making it possible to work in each sector of our economy. Can you then motivate every one to work as one family.

    1. Donnors must start there donate because we sufering now there is nothing to do

  3. Guyz be pple wth ambition & president cant change things but we can if we stop dis nosense & start working hard together & wat u cn knw is dat dis country is nt for a president its ours, dnt be blind guys

  4. Your ass peter u want donors to keep on giving u money n u misuse it

  5. Pemphani mukalandira mugawane Dziko la malawi likuchititsa manyazi chfukwa cha anthu akuba ngat inu chithandizo chimafika koma ndalama mungodya anthu Amipandonu koma chot mudziwe anthu Akumiz akuvutika kwambiri?

  6. kodi mukufuna kuti president atani? inu nomwe mukumadandaula kuti zipatara mulibe mankhwara sono peter waona kuti ndichazelu kupempha ma development partiners kuti athandizepo malo moyamika kuti thandizo rafika mwayamba kunyozaso mukufuna munthuyu atani?…..nanuso2 a malawi 24 tikhanitanuti mumangofuna kubwerasa pungwepungwe…..mukumalemba mutamwa kadasana kapena.

  7. why are you leaving K577billion u think Germans will leave you will be in hotsoup come 2019

  8. akoma petar kodi ufaliti iwe mkamwamopanda manomo wava kodi TB joshwa akuchedwa kuku lotelani ukanangofa abwele azako nawoso adzabepo zawo masa pusee ndimathanyula akowo

  9. our politicians should stop greed for money if we r to dev ….shame on u

  10. Tamangopemphani mwa chimvemve ,osamadzikolakola .Umphawi wa a Malawi mudauzenza ndi Kukula mtima pamaso pa donor siziphula kanthu .

  11. Wakalamba Uyu Nanga President Wanji Opanda Manu? 2019 Ulendo! Akufuna Azikhala Ngat Escom Iyeyu? Nthaw Ya Mvula “there Wil Be Masive Blackout Due To Heavy Rain” During Dry” There Wil Be Masive Blackout Due To Insuficient Water” Timve Ziti?

  12. Kodi enawo amatha bwanji kumadziimira paokha? Pasepase nkulanda,dats wy thy called us poorest ppl in de world.the tym for aid its over and we nid to work hard.for de first we wil struggle but next we wil never ever called such nouns again.

    1. Thus a very gd point, only zat we malawians timakonda kulandila basi, if we can work hard in a period of 3 yrs Malawi will never b de same

    2. Dats gud points guys & lets us struggle 4 dis few years & cellebrate rater on president alone cnt change Malawi but we can by working hard coz nothing comes 4rm nothing stop compleining start working 4 better living

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