Flames slip with 12 places on FIFA rankings


Fresh from being booted out of the ongoing Cecafa tourney in Ethiopia, the Malawi national team has now been thrown out of the top 100 national football teams in the world with up to 12 places.

The Flames last month broke into the top 100 and stood firm on position 97, but a blink of just a month, the team is back where it belongs and now sits at position 109.

In the recent past games, the Flames lost to Uganda, before wins against Sudan and Djibouti respectively.

On the African continent, the Flames are 25th.

Flames: Out of top 100.

Ivory Coast is Africa’s cream but are on position 19 globally with Algeria and Ghana racing behind the Afcon champions.

Belgium is world’s number while Argentina come second.

Argentina climbed one place to second at the expense of Germany, while Spain jumped from sixth to third.

Chile remain fifth, with Brazil (sixth, up two), Portugal (seventh, down three), Colombia (eighth, down one), England (ninth) and Austria completing the top 10.

Turkey (21st) receive the award for Fifa’s Best Mover of the Year thanks to the 329 points they collected over the last 12 months.



  1. Atimvela chisoni amayenela kukhala no 156 phala leni leni

  2. Zona zimezo as country we failed for differents parts for example we dont have enough ground,also we looking our players life stands,for example Malawi nation team a player will receive his wages after win K30,000 while Algeria in same amount of job will receive K900,000 that is it balanced Kunena zona apa tili ndi wosewera ambiri olimbikira koma nthumba mulibe kathu choncho sitingayembekeze kukolora pomwe sitinasamalire

  3. uku ndi kulengeza komaliza! coach wabwino pa flames pano ndi kinnah ‘electric’ phiri !!! enawa ndi ma bolele ake

  4. my dear flames alwayz kuyamba bwino kma mathero zoipa.it stil hurts me wat hapened in Angola 2010.Wake up flames coaches dats unfortunate slipn wth 12 steps mmmmmm!!!!!!!.

  5. Kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk try to play without shoes may be they can score more goals and more wins mwina azisewela wopanda jersey.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha bunch of. ………………………..?

    I want to declare malawi as a no soccer zone.

  6. Guys ine langa ndi funso:kodi padziko pano pali maiko angati?Nanga malawi ili ndi ndalama zothandizila team yathu?Tisakambe za osewera kapena coaches athu ayi.Malawi ndiyo tsalila pa za chuma,mukudziwa bwino

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