Woman found dead with private parts sliced in Lake Malawi


Locals continue to live in fear after Fishermen in Karonga district over the weekend found an unidentified woman in Lake Malawi who had her breasts cut.

According to an eyewitness, Vunga Mwachande, from Mwanyeska Village,T/A Mwilang’o in Karonga, as they were going to check if they had caught fish on Sunday morning they were alarmed to see that they caught a woman who seemed to have had her breasts cut off.

“As usual, we went to check if we had caught any fish, when we were trying to pull the net we felt that it was very heavy then we discovered that we had caught a dead body,” said Mwachande.

knife-bloodHe further said that they went to inform the village headman of the area, Village Headman Mwanyeska, who ordered them to bring the body out of the lake. Confirming the development, Village Headman Mwanyeska said that the fishermen found the dead body and he informed the police on the incident.

“It is true that fishermen found a dead body in the lake and I informed the police who ordered us to bury the unidentified woman as they could not do anything as the body was smelly,” said Mwanyeska.

District police spokesperson for Karonga, Enock Livason, refused to comment on the matter.



  1. Tisakhale ndmoyo wakumozambiq guy moo ndiofunika kwawina aliese from wamisala,mphawi, bwana, ndani, ndani, tili paziko pano bcoz of moyo.

  2. Thats not good Malawi has completely change but we have to wory not what we need is to keep on waiting when God’s kingdom will undo mankind’s problem

  3. Mmmmmm amlawi Akut Ngati osaphana sangalemele asiya kupha nsomba zammaz ayamba kupha nsomba zamyendo iwili za kumtunda ?

  4. Shaaa malawi wanga inee .amene wanga zimenezo mwini wakoyo akuti wabisala Koma pamaso pamulungu siunabisale uli pa mbalanganda iwe. Judgement day is waiting for you

  5. So Shuld We Mourn her Private Parts Or Her Body In General?…Bcoz God Said Dont Worry Wen U Lost Ur Parts iwil Take It Back To Its Normal Place.Simply One Eyed Man Wil Become Two Eyed Man…So Evry Lost Parts Of The Body Will Be Gven Back During The Judgement Day..JUST R.I.P

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  6. They knw something about it, akukanilanji kutulusa thupi apange ma investigations plus aziwe kuti mzimayiyo ndi ndani…. This is insane.

  7. WTF? They find a murder victim and dont bother to do anythign because her body was starting to smell? Really sad. Poor woman will not get any justice.

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