Revealed: Malawi Government to employ new teachers mid next year


Revelations emerging from the Malawi Government through the Ministry of education indicate that newly graduated primary school teachers have to wait until government raises enough funds for them to be posted to various schools.

This is contrary to government’s promises that it will employ the teachers in April next year. A source close to the ministry told our reporter on Wednesday that currently government has no money to pay additional teachers thus the decision to keep them waiting.

He said information he has seen circulating within the ministry indicates that available funds can only manage to pay these teachers for three months hence it will be terrible to employ them now.

students Malawi

Number of teachers will increase.

“They have to wait these guys until government raise a lot of funds. At the moment it only has funds to pay them for only three months. This is why they will keep holding them. I must be frank here that they must forget about April claims,” said the source who opted for anonymity.

Malawi24 understands that government has been failing to employ about 10,000 newly graduated primary school teachers since they graduated some months ago.

Many interventions from various stakeholders on the matter have since proved to be a mere chasing after the wind because government maintains it cannot to employ the teachers and then later fail to pay them.

Some of the graduates have temporarily joined private schools to keep themselves busy and fresh as they wait to hear from government while others have decided to write Malawi Schools Certificate of Education exams.

When pressed to confirm the allegations, minister of education Dr Emmanuel Fabiano told this publication that government will really be ready to employ the teachers mid next year. He revealed that in the 2015/2016 national budget government did not allocate enough funds to cater for the payments of additional teachers thus the delay.

“We had funds to pay them for only three months. So we don’t want to exploit them that is why we are waiting from the next fiscal year. So we may employ them mid next year,” said Fabiano.

Efforts to get views from Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) proved futile.




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