Mob kills man for stabbing his friend to death


An angry mob in Malawi capital,  Lilongwe on Tuesday killed a man identified as Zakif Hanif after he stabbed his friend to death during a confrontation at a pool game in Area 49 in the city.

According to a close source, Hanif who played for Alliance one Pool team took up a quarrel with a friend called Wanangwa whom he later stabbed to death.

Blood poolIn retaliation, a mob stoned Hanif to death. The source said Wanangwa, who was also a minibus driver, was stabbed in the chest.

He was taken to a nearby clinic where he was pronounced dead.

“He stabbed Wanangwa and run into a minibus. But people who saw this happening grabbed him out of the minibus and started beating him. Upon getting him to police he was in a pool of blood and already dead,” said the source.

Having arrived at the scene of the incident, Police failed to disperse the angry mob despite using rubber bullets and teargas.

The victims are believed have been 25 years-old and stayed in the same area.

While condemning his behaviour, some people described Hanif as short tempered.




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