Malawi 24

Welcome to the world of queues, Peter!

Your picture Peter has attracted a new debate on social media. Just as your arrogance the other time when we cautioned you over obsession to spend while we are running on a budget that cannot provide enough drugs in hospitals, people are all over agreeing and disagreeing. Others are saying it is just your PR team doing their work.

Mutharika waiting to be served

I am not here to validate whether the photo is a leak or PR stunt, I am just here to express my pleasure: I am glad that finally you are acting like a President of a country whose finances cannot pay water bills for sick people in hospitals.

Unlike other people, I am not optimistic. I do not think that your boarding of commercial flights will change the fortunes of our economy. For all I know, the money we get to save from your displays of poverty will still end up in some offshore bank account that bears your name. I am however glad for the gesture.

You see, Mr President, queuing has become our way as Malawians. The difference is that while you queued in a wonderful and cosy environment and were served when your turn came, we queue in the ugliest and hottest of places where we are never actually served in the end. Others who come late leave us on the queue because they know somebody wherever we are queueing.

For us the poor people, we queue in the hospitals while we are sick. For hours on end, we stand on a hospital queue because the hospitals are understaffed. When our turn to be assisted comes, the tired person at the end of the queue will either tell us to go and buy drugs elsewhere or admit us in a hospital that has no medicine, no food and now no water. All this Peter, is happening under the ‘business unusual’ promise you made.

Even our households now are being forced to queue. So for the whole day they are queued on some ESCOM list to wait for electricity. Then ESCOM provides that electricity for 2 hours before taking it off again. The way it is Peter, is as if we are getting their services for free. We are paying through the nose for a service that does not exist. When we complain, you tell us to wait for 3 years!

The family of Issa Njauju as well is queuing. It is waiting for the time when your efficient Police service will deliver to them what happened to their beloved father, brother and friend. The family of Robert Chasowa whom your DPP murdered in cold blood is also queuing awaiting justice.

Zobanduka! Not new to using ‘commercial’

It is not only the families of Njauju and Chasowa that are queuing. Even those of us whom robbers have ransacked into our houses (thanks to the security lapse that came with your ascension to power), we are still queuing waiting for the day Police will take control of the situation.

Most of the youth in this country are also queueing at the labour offices awaiting a miracle from your government to jumpstart the nosediving economy and get a job. Those who are not your cadets of course have heard that you are busy allocating jobs to cadets at TEVETA and MRA among other government institutions.

So yes you queued Peter and now your supporters want to make us believe that the world is falling apart but no! Russia is not striking Turkey simply because you queued. The people of your nation are used to queueing and all thanks to your failure to steer this country in the right track.

I hope that the 4 hours (ONLY!) you spent at that airport in Rome make you remember that this country had a Private jet for comfort obsessed individuals like you, now that jet is sold and the proceeds of it no one else knows except Joyce Banda. I only hope that the experience will remind you that it is not up to the media to track Joyce Banda. I hope it makes you hasten in your steps to bringing her to book.

I also hope that the money that has been served will not be used to have you go to some South African hospital when (God forbid!) something bad happens to you. I hope it will be used to stock medicine, pay water bills, recruit more staff in the hospitals so that when the something strikes (God forbid!) you can queue at KCH!