Welcome to the world of queues, Peter!


Your picture Peter has attracted a new debate on social media. Just as your arrogance the other time when we cautioned you over obsession to spend while we are running on a budget that cannot provide enough drugs in hospitals, people are all over agreeing and disagreeing. Others are saying it is just your PR team doing their work.

Peter Mutharika queues for plane
Mutharika waiting to be served

I am not here to validate whether the photo is a leak or PR stunt, I am just here to express my pleasure: I am glad that finally you are acting like a President of a country whose finances cannot pay water bills for sick people in hospitals.

Unlike other people, I am not optimistic. I do not think that your boarding of commercial flights will change the fortunes of our economy. For all I know, the money we get to save from your displays of poverty will still end up in some offshore bank account that bears your name. I am however glad for the gesture.

You see, Mr President, queuing has become our way as Malawians. The difference is that while you queued in a wonderful and cosy environment and were served when your turn came, we queue in the ugliest and hottest of places where we are never actually served in the end. Others who come late leave us on the queue because they know somebody wherever we are queueing.

For us the poor people, we queue in the hospitals while we are sick. For hours on end, we stand on a hospital queue because the hospitals are understaffed. When our turn to be assisted comes, the tired person at the end of the queue will either tell us to go and buy drugs elsewhere or admit us in a hospital that has no medicine, no food and now no water. All this Peter, is happening under the ‘business unusual’ promise you made.

Even our households now are being forced to queue. So for the whole day they are queued on some ESCOM list to wait for electricity. Then ESCOM provides that electricity for 2 hours before taking it off again. The way it is Peter, is as if we are getting their services for free. We are paying through the nose for a service that does not exist. When we complain, you tell us to wait for 3 years!

The family of Issa Njauju as well is queuing. It is waiting for the time when your efficient Police service will deliver to them what happened to their beloved father, brother and friend. The family of Robert Chasowa whom your DPP murdered in cold blood is also queuing awaiting justice.

Zobanduka! Not new to using ‘commercial’

It is not only the families of Njauju and Chasowa that are queuing. Even those of us whom robbers have ransacked into our houses (thanks to the security lapse that came with your ascension to power), we are still queuing waiting for the day Police will take control of the situation.

Most of the youth in this country are also queueing at the labour offices awaiting a miracle from your government to jumpstart the nosediving economy and get a job. Those who are not your cadets of course have heard that you are busy allocating jobs to cadets at TEVETA and MRA among other government institutions.

So yes you queued Peter and now your supporters want to make us believe that the world is falling apart but no! Russia is not striking Turkey simply because you queued. The people of your nation are used to queueing and all thanks to your failure to steer this country in the right track.

I hope that the 4 hours (ONLY!) you spent at that airport in Rome make you remember that this country had a Private jet for comfort obsessed individuals like you, now that jet is sold and the proceeds of it no one else knows except Joyce Banda. I only hope that the experience will remind you that it is not up to the media to track Joyce Banda. I hope it makes you hasten in your steps to bringing her to book.

I also hope that the money that has been served will not be used to have you go to some South African hospital when (God forbid!) something bad happens to you. I hope it will be used to stock medicine, pay water bills, recruit more staff in the hospitals so that when the something strikes (God forbid!) you can queue at KCH!



  1. The President is not a failure, in my view, we Malawians are fond of demeaning our leaders. Lets face reality, because of our behavior to expose our failures as a country hence this experience. I would agree our leader needs to do more but not a failure. Even if it could be anyone advocating this negative motive against the President, they would not manage within the two years less the President has been on the seat. Lets share the blame; who ordered the most looting at Capital Hill? Was it Peter? U have the answer. secondly I think its high time Malawians we learnt to accept when we fail to get something. I subscribe all this to election fever basi. U will be surprised soon to experience the best transformation.

  2. Who is to blame? i think we need reform not in government, but the way we behave and think. Since i started working at Zomba central hospital (June,2015), sindinawonepo ma security lights ali ozimitsa kupatulako magetsi akazima(blackout). Tili ndi maganizo akuti ndi za boma. ngati ndikunama mubwere mudzawone ku building ya dental,ART,skin.

  3. Stupid goes to you and the one who sold jet you are one of the hand crapping during jet selling and now you are saying this today

  4. Brothers and sisters, Malawi is and will always be our nation and presidents come and go but Malawi will always be Malawi. Our president today is His excellence APM, and Leader of opposition is Rev L Chakwera. This is what God has given us as a nation and we have to live within the limits of these two schools, you can insult them in anyway you want, but remember anything happens for a reason. Each one of us have a cross to carry or a role to play in developing our nation. We are Malawi, and indeed Malawi is you and me, let us not stress ourselves to death, no, but let us pray and hope that Malawi will change for the better, God bless Malawi.

  5. Issue Ya Madz Ku Zomba Its Not His Falt,,, E Gvt Sends Millionz Kumeneku,, Now E DHO Used Alot Ov Money On Food Akut Ma Patient Azidya Bwno,, He Unpayed Every Bill Nde Amudulira,,, Nde Inu Mut Chan,,,

  6. Mukugula mowa wodula,ma phone odula…ndiye mwati boma lizikugulirani panado???? Musamale moyo manu nokha anthu aulesi inu..,dpp woyee!

  7. U don’t know wat you are writing. i just blame your mother for spending 9 months just for you wicked. wat is wrong with the president here.

  8. Why do u people speak as tho u r uneducated we are to blame him for failures in our country because we employed him to lead us into development we employed him to help make our lives better we didnt employ him to be our king we emploted him to be our leader and as a leader he has to make all the right choices atleast this time he has made a right choice by using commercial airlines you people say u just cant wait for government for everything u clearly dont understand what a government is if you hire a garden boy are you expected to go cut the grass no your not your comments are a perfect example of why education has to be for free in this country. Peter uses our money therefore he should reflect the country his supposed to be leading. Its foolish to compare malawi to india and america develops because they have senetors who develop the states were they were elected even in america poor states have poor senetors . Bingu was a visionary if he had continued how he started on the beginning malawi could have gone far peter is nothing like him but if he continues to make the ryt decisions like using commercial airkines then maybe we have a chance. A good leader take criticism with a positive attitude

  9. Fake posing. He did not have to queue. First class passengers are simply ushered on their seats. This is more so when airlines have receive advanced itinerary of VVIPS. Stop posing peter

  10. A Malawi24 chonde zinazi muzingoyang’ana musayambitse kuukirana chifukwa chosowa uzimu kwa anthu chonde malawi wamtendere akhoza kukhala owawa chifukwa cha zomwe mukuchita,anthufe mukutipweteketsa mtima ndimavuto omwe tilinawo kale chonde.

  11. GOD chased satan from heaven down to earth,meaning that for things to go on well we must all suffer together(there must be no cellebration while others are crying) so the president is right we must share these sufferings

  12. Is it true or false that medicines in the hospitals are not available,patients are restricted to one meal per day, school will shortly be raised, fertilizer has gone up from K500 to K3500? WHO SHOULD CONTROL THIS? – answer -APM If he is failing to control must we just sit back and let him destroy our country? LET HIM RESIGN

  13. Nde mpaka kujambulixa?cholinga timve chisoni,ukanziwa mmene timavutikira kuima panzere kwa admarc koma chimanga osachipeza pali chani apa.nde wanyenyeka pt waima pa q kapena upresident.up next mugulixe magalimoto odula apa convoy mugule ma toyota ipsum muzikwera sinanga economic hardship

  14. Mmmmmmm!shortage ndichifukwa cha medical stores man,today you write a requisition akukuuza kuti out of stock is that the govts doing?

  15. we can hate mutharika, but for the sake of respect of the office of the president of the republic of malawi, mutharika needs a private jet or chartering a plane. otherwise its embarassing to see our leader in that situation.

  16. Kkk vindevu wati ndiwe imbwa chipuwa kupepela kwabwanji kwamene ukamba umuze uyu bwampini nisanya talema nayo ma rabish & so nikuuza ngati ulimbana naine uzamvelako chabe mmala

  17. Panado wake uti mukunenayo?zoti muzipatala ma pain killers apart from panado Ali mbwee sukudziwa?it only takes some prescribers who can promote rational use of these drugs e.g bwera matawale,domasi,Mangochi and most facilities u will find out that aspirin aliko mbweee n panado alikonso koma upeza kuti wolemba akungolemba panado,why?

    1. man injectable diclofenac ma hospaz anasowa kalekale ngati kwanuko aliko ua lucky…pano even genta odwala akugula okha am sti nde man siyani kulota its not about prescribers and its not about people stealing the drugs but its all about drug shortage..working is no longer pleasant due to lack of resources kaya mkutani kaya

  18. Why are you castigating the President? Hey you just go back to the jungle where you belong and leave our president alone, mwamva

  19. Mmmmh koma tisaname inu a DPP mwazuka, kanthaw komweka zi2 kuchita kusintha ngat mwatha zaka 40? Nde mene mumalizire 5yrs yanui anthu azakhala atathatu ndi umphawi

  20. As long as our government is administered for the good of the people, and is regulated by their will; as long as it secures to us the rights of persons and of property, liberty of conscience and of the press, it will be worth defending. It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly to make Malawi better yet the so called opposition only knows to oppose; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

  21. We put these guys in those places for them to solve the problems we have and they just have to do that. We do not put them there to enjoy in obscene luxury at the expense of the poor masses and the taxpayer. They need to fix this mad economy and then we will all support the idea of them purchasing or chartering private jets. You do not buy a car when you are just starting a business. You trek and you only buy a car when your business has grown. Running a country is serious business and we are not there economically for luxury.

  22. I don’t think it’s only Malawi which facing economic problems. Am here in India where the economy is booming but u see poverty. To the point people putting iron sheets as a wall under the bridge, the bridge is a roof. INDIAN women carrying fire wood in town. The poor live in very bad condition. But I have never seen the Daily Times of India blame the president. They also have black outs, even water stops here. So pls let us learn to respect or Head of State. Every country has its own problems. Some of u don’t even pay tax and yet u are doing business. How can a country develop. Like that. When u are stealing from ur own government.

  23. #PeterGulumba u a right.. Bingu was better than this one.. Zayekha adaviika nsima mmadzi… Kkk Running a gvt it’s not jst a matter of talking but fulfilling Wat he promised ppl.. Yet nothing happened

  24. Ndi zomwe amafuna pothamagira ku court kuti alumbire……zimukanike yekha akatengeso GREEN CARD yake ! This is Malawi not America ! Just go ‘nd enjoy the money that ur brother stole . Awa ndiye zawakanika ayamba kubalarika >> gule kwao kwao

  25. mmmmh! politics is out of my business but we Malawians we must learn respecting our leaders,the freedom of expression is their for you but note that it is mandated with responsiblity the other side.All in all this kind of reporting is offessive take this you dude malawi24.

  26. kodi basi tikhalira zimenezi zomangochita castigate a president basi? ndiye ngati dziko muno muli mavuto, mavutoyo atha ndikunyoza president?…..zausilu basi

  27. its only govt that can take malawi to another level because all policies are with them! I as an individual can play my role to assist my family but not national development for it depends on the govt ability to deliver! that’s why even donors are busy telling govt what to do not native citizens or opposition or churches!!! this means that all these problems are caused by that arm being castigated by donors and other agencies!

  28. Well written article but thats where it stops.

    It is clear that you see nothing positive from the president with your simmering rage and callous revenge. There still needs to be some dignity to the office and waiting in a queue is not one of them. There is a reason they are called diplomats.

  29. Pachakuti pako kape iwe kodi umasowa zolemba eti? Amskutumayo adzakupwetekesa wachepa nazo, Choti udziwe mbalame yochita phokoso ndiyomwe imakumana ndi mwala wamulengeni,

  30. Vuto asogoleri aku Malawi zikamawavuta amanamizira kuti Boma anapeza mulibe ndalama kodi azanene kuti wapeza ndalama ndikupanga chitukuko chooneka ndani? Anthu ogwira ntchito akuchita kuvutikira malipiro ngati akupepha Pita anayamba walandira pa 40? Malawi alipa mavuto akulu magesi kuthimathima madzi kuvuta koma kudura magesi ndi madzi kosachita kufutsa ndalama zomwe anthu amalipira zimagwira ntchito yanji?sangakoze mavuto amene alipo koma ku ma semina ndi azikazi aweni shem Malawi

  31. I don’t see any sense here,castigating your own country’s President.The economic hardships Malawi is going through,should we wholly blame Peter for this?Do you think all these hardships can be dealt with in a day & with one person(Peter)?Should we Malawians sit idle waiting for Peter to do everything for us then we expect prosperity as a nation?Let us love our country & learn to respect our own leaders.This is very bad & irresponsible reporting.

    1. you are right this is endeed irrensiponsible reporting…..trying to tarnish the image of malawi reader without proper reason….stupid journalists

    2. Changing our situation as a leader is his job and responsibility. If we check the history of the world we find so many leaders who did amazing things against many odds to change their countries destinations. Stop making excuses for APM. He made promises that he would change our country for the better so he should do so. He is our leader and we expect him to be a unique leader and that is why we voted for him. We need a leader who will make tough and unpopular decisions that will take us out of the doldrums and ultimately leave an exemplary legacy to be remembered by many generations to come.

    3. Inu munthu olephela kulankhula ngati Peturo Ibu Mutharika angayendetso dziko?poti zolankhula nzosaveka akumayesetsa kutulutsa mawu kuli kupempha kwaZungu,koma chifukwa chapakamwa pake sipatuluka fundo zakupsa

    4. When he will change the country? To be a leader of the Nation is not same like TAs, GVH, VH etc. Bingu was Bingu n Peter is Peter, he cant be like Bingu. He will never change this country but making things much worse n worse.

    5. Guys lets be realistic here, Peter can not develop this country alone. He need help inform of advice and support from his pipo. Go to the United States, u will find out that Barack Obama does not lead alone or develop America all by himself but the opposition and any one with a solutions offers it to the govt and things do change for the better. What is surprising me is that Malawi has made some significant changes under Peter like being declared as a good place for investment by the world bank yet no one is applauding him for that instead kumangolimbikira zamavuto omwe omwewo. Kodi a malawi tinakhala bwanji? why cant we appreciate when a good thing has been done but always kumangozuzura kumati titukuka. Malawians lets grow up!!!!!

    6. U r in need of pipo’s advice whom u insult on ua rallies?oh no,this is:an insult,waste ou precious gift(tym),away to make unnecessary delays l mean nonsense.wen u were making campaign n ua manifesto,were u alone?why not consulting then,why we have cival society leaders,ministers,principal secretories,mps,are these not enough to help u?wat kind of advice reques the whole country?u peter we r tired of ua silly excuses,put ua manifesto l voted u for on the ground,can we strugle yet bcz of 40%?were is 60%?lets see things on the ground n not on papers.stop corruption n things will work.

    7. You so called Michael, iwe ndi wadpp ukulankhula chani? tseka kamwa lako longa Petulolo.Don’t u knw kuti paliponse pamatukuka ndi Leadership? ask your legs, do u led by your legs to go to the toilet or you r the one commanding and legs do respond? :::::Peter must lead us and we r here to help

    8. Michael, go bck n re read ur books. Who do u think shud pple blame? Is Peter the leader of Malawi or jst an impolster? Each n every plblm Malawi is facing, he s responsible. His arrogance is nw payin off n this s jst the beginning. The fact that every nation is facing hardships shud necessarily mean that hospitals shud b suffering, no. We want sanity in the public service. We want our doctors to be working here n not Botswana or Lesotho while Malawians continue to suffer. We want ESCOM to execute its duties properly. Everything is on his head. A mayikolo kugona bua?

    9. Guys speak well, it does not mean that if someone says good things for Peter then it doesnt mean he is the supporter of Peter. Despite the problems this country is facing there are good things that have been done why cant applaud the govt. for that. Peter has just stayed in the office for just one year and some months, do u expect him to solve all the problems in one year. Joyce Banda ndi uja analephera kulikonza dziko in two years. Why cant u wait up until his term is over and held him accountable. Ili ndi dziko sizimafanana ndi kayendetsedwe ka kampani komwe zimatenga nthawi yochepa kuti zinthu zisinthe.

    10. Enanu ndimadabwa nanu ndithu mumaika kumbuyo President olephera ngati uyu kodi mudaiwala kale kuti adalephera kuyendetsa unduna wa education? Inu pepani osamangobakira zilizonse munthuyu ndi driver ndiye ife tikuona kuti galimoto munthu likumuvuta ndiye tisamudzudzule? Muonanso kutsogoloku mudzanenanso kuti munthuyu ndiye waonjeza regardless of the same tongue

    11. Ambiri mmatukwana apa ndi ana osadziwa utsogoleri, enanu mulephera kuendetsa ndi mawanja anu omwe… Peter z tryng his best, when he failme shal vote him out as we did to JB.

  32. President of the poorest country in the world waiting in line? Nothing to be ashamed of!

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