Malawians shun uninspiring Mutharika, turn to Tanzania’s Magufuli


Newly elected Tanzanian President John Magufuli has become a social media sensational after his approach to work in the neighbouring country.

According to an observation by Malawi24, a section of Malawians on social media have compiled a list of Magufuli’s actions which are proving that he has an unusual approach to business.

John Magufuli

Malawians turn to Magufuli

While others have come out clearly that Malawi leader Peter Mutharika who rose to power challenging that he will change the way things are run in the country should borrow a leaf from Magufuli, others have just posted the good works that Magufuli is doing and leaving judgment in the hands of Malawians.

“I hope our President can borrow a leaf,” wrote a social commentator after it was announced that the Tanzanian leader has cancelled the country 54th independence anniversary celebrations. He has ordered that the money is used for other purposes.

According to reports, this is not the first time that Magufuli has suspended meaningless issues for more serious issues.

“He trimmed the number of people going to the Commonwealth summit, he fired the Executive Director of the national hospital after he found patients sleeping on the floor, he told all government officials that there is no flying first class on official trips, he told ministers that there is no need to fly outside anyhow, he travelled by car from Dar to Dodoma for Parliament, he has trimmed the Presidential convoy,” goes a paraphrase of his achievements currently being circulated on social media.

Magufuli’s austerity measures appear to be contrary to Mutharika’s government which has been accused of overspending at a time when the country is going through tough times.

Mutharika’s government has gone on a lip service of championing reforms which are only targeting the poor while him and his cronies live in opulence. At the same time, efficiency is at the lowest with serious power shortages and lack of medicine in hospitals.

Magufuli becomes the second African President to have made Malawians wish they could import a leader. Uhuru Kenyatta was once a darling of most Malawians owing to his social media appearance.

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