Malawian men arrested for attempting to sell their friend


The current economics woes in Malawi might perhaps be the reason for Chithope Seza, 27 and Landirani Phiri, 18, in Dowa District to have intentions to land a lucrative business by selling their friend Maxwell Kumwenda.

According to police in the district the two tricked their friend to escort them to a number of shops where they wanted to be taking back loans traders owed them.

arrestedThe two who are from both from Kachembwe village, Traditional Authority Kaomba in Kasungu district met their fate at Bowe trading centre in Dowa district.

It is alleged that on this day, the two suspects were seen going about the place with Maxwell Kumwenda under the pretext that they were recovering loans.

When they arrived at Bowe trading centre in Dowa, they asked Mr. Marko Harrison who stays at the trading centre to find customers who could buy Maxwell Kumwenda. Mr. Harrison alerted the police who arrested the two suspects.

Seza and Phiri will appear before court soon to answer the charges levelled against them.



  1. Ogulayo nkumati akugula chiyani? Mpakana lets do business: Human being for sale, make yo offers kkkkk! Ufiti basi.

  2. Fodya wa mkulu asamagulitsa mango bwanji nayenso zobayo basi kumapita.Iwe zoba demeti za agogo ako ku choka lero ujakapuke tsiku lina ndi dzagulitsa mano ako ndiwe zoba ndakuwona

  3. Zikumveka but I strongly suggest you stop blaming economic woes in Malawi as a cause for such crimes,,,,,,,,in as much as I agree kuti we are having financial difficulties but a thief or a murder will always be one even if he was rich..Its about behaviour not situation….

    1. That is true Chikumbutso, we cannot attribute individuals behavior to the economic turmoil the country is going through since humans are dynamic such that there behavior cannot be generalized. However we cannot totally rule out that circumstance can be a source of such crime due maladaptive situations. And the situation our country is in can very much contribute to such either directly or indirectly

  4. Mukamapanga mwano wamva iziiiiii Gladys Njala Akefe Kufa Mviza Chris Lee Chypaw Jimmy Dziko Wanja Andrew Seaman Sambani Halima Jane Bakali kkkkkkkkkk

  5. Mmmmm! Mr Harrison akudziwapo kanthu amenewa. afunseni bwino. Anyamatawo si openga.

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