Three Malawians wrapped under plastic papers arrested


Three Malawians were last Wednesday arrested by a joint operation of Zimbabwe Revenue Authorities, immigration officers, police officers, and other security agencies known as Ferret Squad at Beitbridge Border Post when they illegally entered Zimbabwe while wrapped in plastic sheets.

One of Zimbabwe’s local newspapers reported the arrests on Monday. The paper identified the trio as Peter Samuel (25) Jaru Musa (30) and Jafali Hamza (30) and said they were in a vehicle heading for Malawi when they were arrested.

policeThe driver of the vehicle Mdala Benni Melly whose nationality has not been identified by the paper was also arrested for attempting to smuggle the three.

According to a Ferret official, the trio, Samuel, Musa and Hamza have been charged for entering the country illegally while Melly has been charged with facilitating illegal migration under the provisions of the Immigration Act of Zimbabwe.

The trio arrived from South Africa in a pick-up truck which was carrying an assortment of goods en-route to Malawi.

It has also been reported that Melly wrapped the trio in the plastic bags because they had no travel documents.

He then went through all the customs and immigration formalities.

After which he drove the vehicle to the exit gate where they were stopped by security personnel for routine checks leading to their discovery.



  1. Guys mashashawatu amabwera kumalawi osati kupita joloza nde musatinyozele dziko lathu zachambachamba apa. Joziyo nde yaakwana mpaka aganiza zobwelera lumudzi zivute zitani.

  2. Ndiye kuti ku malawi kwatentha moipa kuposa kuikidwa mu plastic paper. Anthuwa mu pepalamu amaonamo bwino kuposa kukhala ku malawi kuno

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  4. its very disgusting but anyway we cant stop all the tricky ways for invading in SA because that is only the way to pass thru if they have no reasonable verifications,try hard!

  5. I dont see if there is a case here. Their aim were on life change. All of this is corruption by the police at all borders. Those men are innocent, leave them please.

  6. M’paka m’maplastic pepper? Umewo ndiye timautcha Umbuzi simukudziwa kuti zikhoza kukuphani zimaplasticzo ndikukafika akufa ku Johnzko?

  7. chifukwa chakuti ndalama adaba abwanawo 2 day ndi izi anthu mu plastic inorder 2 pass through in xeno land mwina ndikukapezako kusintha at d end home affair n d police are w8ng 4 u l fil sry 2 u guys cz kulibe kothawira

  8. Mwanyanya namwe wa zammuseu angatani anthu komaso imwe a Mozambique&Zimbabwe Malawians jst use ur countries as transit only but u are asking about R3000 to show u for what really. Stop that R3000 is needed at RSA boarder only, but u planted alot of check points jst to cultivate where u ddn’t plant.Travellers fr6 Malawi to RSA say NO TO CHECK R3000 within Mozambique&Zimbabwe its jst transit(mungodusamo,mujumphamo waka).If they find u wrong they with charge u according to their respective with their laws hence when charging u abt money they must also say it in their currency&ask for reciept.Wakumva wamva usamva sazavanso byee.

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