Mchengautuba residents ready to shed blood over land ownership

Malawi public protests

There is high tension across Mchengautuba Township in Malawi’s northern region city of Mzuzu where residents have retained their readiness to shed blood over land ownership squabbles they have with Malawi Housing Cooperation (MHC).

The wrangle began last year when residents received letters from MHC ordering them to buy the land or risk being chased away.

This brought controversy in the township as many emphatically believes the land belongs to them. Malawi24 understand that the residents hired Lawyer George Kadzipatike of Jivason Associates for legal guidance on the matter.

Malawi public protests
Angered. (Google images).

The case faded out for close to eight months but was concluded on Wednesday when Judge Dingiswayo Madise ruled that the land belongs to MHC.

The ruling seem to have sparked tension as Mchengautuba residents claim they have lived there for over 70 years and it is awkward for MHC to claim ownership through of the court.

In interviews this publication conducted across the township on Thursday, many people emphasized that should MHC dare to move anyone away from his plot, there will be a lot of bloodshed because most of them have evidence of land ownership.

Chief for the area, Kangawa Kako Mhone said that neither he nor any of his subjects will bow down to such baseless claims.

He said they will fight for their land until the last drop of their blood.

“Where were they all this while? We have been here for over 70 years thus its very clumsy for someone to come here and start claiming things that are baseless. We will not give up on what belongs to us,” said Mhone.

One resident, David Mwase told our reporter that his fathers bought the land he built his house on in 1980 and should MHC confront him, he is ready to be killed because he has nowhere else to go.

“We are not foreigners neither are we refugees to deserve such stupidity, I believe as Malawians we deserve respect. They should let us suffer with poverty and not confiscating our land because they have lawyers. Let them come and kill us or we will kill them, we are ready for that,” said Mwase.

Records show that the township is home to about 20,000 residents and is one of the places where people have built expensive mansions.

Officials from MHC demanded ample time to comment on the matter on the basis that the case had just been concluded and they have not sat down to discuss way forward.



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