‘Jappie Mhango killed our father’ – Msiska’s family

Jappie Mhango

Mhango: Accused of predecessor’s death.

The Controversy surrounding the death of former legislator for Rumphi North, Tasokwa Msiska has taken another turn as his relatives claim that Malawi’s Information minister Jappie Mhango “lent a hand in his death”.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Thursday morning, Isaac Gondwe who claimed to be a close relative to the deceased maintained that Mhango wanted Msiska to die.

He alleged that Mhango told government to forsake the deceased by not releasing money for his treatment.

“When our father was critically ill, we asked government to help us with funds for his treatment. To our surprise we learnt that Mhango blocked our plans by telling government to ignore. We believe he took part,” said Gondwe.

It is believed that Mhango and the deceased were not in good terms having faced each other in last year’s tripartite polls in which Mhango emerged victorious.

When Msiska died days ago, his family and supporters barred Mhango from attending the funeral ceremony but he insisted on attending.

Jappie Mhango

Mhango: His car is seen at far at far distance chased by irate locals. .

Consequently, he was chased away like a dog.

Malawi24 published an article which quoted Mhango as saying that people who chased him away are Malawi Congress Party (MCP) diehards.

However when asked about reports that he helped kill his predecessor, Mhango trashed the allegations saying relatives of the deceased have a problem of politicizing things.

“They wanted to use CDF (Constituency Development Fund) money for their father’s medication and on that I indeed declined because it was unreasonable,” he said.

He added that the move to chase him was planned politically by MCP cohorts who are a majority in the area where the deceased hailed from.

However such assumptions have been scrapped by MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwira who believes Mhango is just confused and has run out of ideas.

“In fact, if he says so then as MCP we are proud of having a stronghold there,” said Kabwira.



  1. tawauzani a malawi voice. this iz very true it was a fight btn family and angly not a bout Msowoya. wanya jopi akupha nawenso aphoka akwiya nawe.

  2. stupid Funnilas, bambo anuo anakhakapo member of parliament ndipo ndalama zao anadya mosasamala ndiye mumafuna boma liathandize chani?Muphunzire kusunga ndalama osakula ndi moyo odalira ena.

  3. Kkkkk i thot it shud be msiska killing jappie for luzing mp seat so why wud jappie milk a thin cow? Kapena zoti malemuwa anali ndi cancer GOMEZGANI amanama?

    • Kungoti Thawi Zina Kumakangana Pa Zithu, Sibwino,ndizoonadi Gift Mark, Malemuwa Amadwaladi,ndipo Mwina Tsiku Lawo Linakwana,koma Chifukwa Panali Mikangano Pa Maaja Awiriwa,wina Kumwalira Chifukwa Cha Kudwala,basitu Athu Otha Kuweluza Amalodza Chala Amene Anakangana Naye Uja Kuti Ndiye Wachita. Kupewa Kwabwino,zambiri Zimakupita.

  4. Msiska’s family osamakhala ndizikhulupiliro zakale ayi ndi nthawi inakwana kwa mr Msiska… Zithu osamalowetsa ndale Ayi! Maliro ndi maliro ndale ndi Ndale…. Mpaka kwa ng’anga koma aaa! Naye azafa ngat anapanga ndiyeyo koma osati ifa mpaka kuilowetsa Ndale Sibwinooo

  5. Ndiye Msiska family akufuna chiyani panopa? Nonsense, why politicise the funeral. Let Tasokwa rest in peace. Inu a phoka mumatchuka ndi ufiti ndiye osamuloza japie mhango bwanji? Don’t confuse people.